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Farm to Table!


In the webisode “I Say Tomato,” Abuela reaches into her purse for change and asks Noah for a newspaper (“un periódico”), gesturing toward someone reading the latest edition on a nearby park bench. But Noah thinks she wants the giant tomato featured in a photo on the front page. In the course of the webisode and related games, viewers have the opportunity to learn the Spanish words for items found in Abuela’s purse and an assortment of vegetables. In this activity, your child will practice his/her Spanish vocabulary through a sorting game and then create a food shopping list using the words learned.

Your child will review the following Spanish words:

Purse Items
the keys - las llaves
the wallet - la billetera
the glasses - los lentes
the tissues - los pañuelos de papel
the comb - el peine

the tomato - el tomate
the pumpkin - la calabaza
the pepper - el pimiento
the broccoli - el brócoli
the potato - la papa
the corn - el maíz





I am hungry and I want to eat… / Tengo hambre y quiero comer…

In this activity you and your child will play a game to review the Spanish words for the vegetables seen in the webisode “I Say Tomato.”

Begin the game by saying “Tengo hambre y quiero comer…” and choose a game card from the pile to complete the sentence. For example, if you choose the broccoli game card, you would say el brócoli. Then pass the plate your child, who will say, “Tengo hambre y quiero comer el brócoli y…” and ask your child to choose another game card and add that word to the sentence. The activity continues this way until all the game cards are used up.

Note: This game can also be played with the items found in Abuela’s purse. In this version of the game the first player would say, En la cartera de abuela yo encontré… (In Abuela’s purse I found…)

My Food Shopping List / Mi lista de la compra

Food shopping provides a wonderful opportunity to review the Spanish words for vegetables and more! Visit to create a grocery list in Spanish with your child. You can make a list by checking the foods you want and then clicking crear lista (create list). Print the list and take it to the store with you.

When you take an item from the shelf and put it in the cart, encourage your child to check it off the list and repeat the word in Spanish. Seeing the food reinforces the words that your child is learning. Try to incorporate additional Spanish phrases into the shopping process such as Necesitamos pimientos (We need peppers), or Aquí están los tomates (Here are the tomatoes).

Take It Further:

  • Visit your local farmers’ market or farm. During the visit, encourage your child to identify the vegetables in Spanish.
  • Now that you have reviewed Spanish vocabulary words for various vegetables it’s time to plant a garden. Buy a packet of vegetable seeds at your local home supply or gardening store. Following the directions on the back of the packet, assist your child in planting the seeds. Review the Spanish vocabulary words for a variety of gardening items:
    • the trowel (la palita)
    • the watering can (la regadera)
    • the seeds (las semillas)
    • the plant pot (la maceta)
    • the soil (el suelo)
    • the water (el agua)
  • You say tomato, I say tomate, and it’s time to make salsa! Learn how to make salsa along with Noah. You can find our bilingual recipe here.
  • Create a play food store with your child. Stock the store with real vegetables. Encourage your child to use the Spanish words for the food in the shop. Use play wallets or purses. Let your child decide who is the storekeeper and who are the shoppers.
  • Print and play the Oh Noah! Memory Card Game for “I Say Tomato.”
  • Review an assortment of Spanish words from this Oh Noah! webisode and more! Play Curtain Up! and create your own play using scenes, characters, and images from the webisodes.
  • Go to the library with your child and check out books to learn more about vegetables and common items found in a purse. Suggested books, available in both English and Spanish, include:
    • My House: A Book in Two Languages / Mi casa: Un libro en dos lenguas by Rebecca Emberley
    • The Vegetable Group (Healthy Eating with Mypyramid )/ El grupo de las verduras (Comida sana con Mipirámide) by Mari C. Schuh
    • Vegetable Dreams / Huerto sonado by Dawn Jeffers
    • Farmers Market / Dia de mercado (Green Light Readers Level 2) by Carmen Parks
    • Growing Vegetable Soup / A sembrar sopa de verduras by Lois Ehlert


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