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Ice Adventures!


In the webisode “Breaking the Ice,” Abuela is throwing a party and asks Noah to get more ice (“hielo”). But Noah misunderstands when she points to the polar bear on the empty ice bag, and he heads off to the Arctic to invite a polar bear to the festivities. In the course of the webisode and related games, viewers have the opportunity to learn the Spanish words for winter wear, drinks, and snacks. In this activity, your child will practice his/her Spanish vocabulary through a cooking activity and craft.

Your child will review the following Spanish words:

Drinks & Snacks
the lemonade - la limonada
the milk - la leche
the water - el agua
the banana - el guineo
the orange - la naranja

Winter Wear
the jacket - la chaqueta
the gloves - los guantes
the scarf - la bufanda
the hat - el gorro
the binoculars - los binoculares




A Cool Snack

In this activity you and your child can choose to make a fruit smoothie or snow cone to practice your new Spanish vocabulary. Use the recipe cards and enjoy.

What to Wear?

What should you wear on a cold winter day? What should you wear on a warm spring day? This activity will allow your child to practice the Spanish words for the winter wear explored in the “Breaking the Ice” games and more. Cut out the Oh Noah! Paper Doll and clothing (when cutting out the clothing, be sure to cut on the lines and avoid cutting off the tabs). Your child can even decide to color the clothing to make his/her own patterns and designs. Encourage your child to review the Spanish words for each article of clothing as he/she dresses Noah.

Spanish clothing words include:

the jacket - la chaqueta
the gloves - los guantes
the scarf - la bufanda
the hat - el gorro
the binoculars - los binoculares
the shirt - la camiseta
the pants - los pantalones
the shorts - los pantalones cortos
the socks - las medias
the boots - las botas

Take It Further:

  • Visit the local market and encourage your students to identify the fruits and drinks in Spanish. To learn additional food words, watch the “I Say Tomato” or “Monkey Business” webisodes and play the related games.
  • Print and play the Oh Noah! Memory Card Game for “Breaking the Ice.”
  • Review an assortment of Spanish words from Oh Noah! webisodes and play Curtain Up! to create your own play using scenes, characters, and images from the webisodes.
  • Roll the dice and learn Spanish. Play Noah’s Adventure and earn digital stickers while you travel with Noah through a board game of adventures.
  • Go to the library with your child and check out books to learn more about winter wear, drinks, and snacks. Suggested books, available in both English and Spanish, include:
    • The Afternoon Snack / La merienda by Maria Luisa Retana
    • Fruits and Vegetables / Frutas y vegetales by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza
    • Let's Eat / Vamos a comer: Chubby Board Books In English and Spanish by Alan Benjamin
    • My Clothes / Mi ropa by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza & Carolina Cifuentes
    • The Weather / El tiempo by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza
    • Spring/La primavera, by Nuria Roca 
    • Summer/El verano, by Nuria Roca
    • Fall/El otoño, by Nuria Roca
    • Winter/El invierno, by Nuria Roca

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