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Kitchen Shape Up!


In the webisode “Cowboys and Librarians,” Coco’s library book about cowboys is overdue, and Noah offers to return it for her. But when he gets in a cab and says “library” in English while pointing to the book cover, the Spanish-speaking cabdriver misunderstands and takes him to a ranch. His initial attempts to mount a horse are unsuccessful until his lasso catches the tail of a plane, which pulls him into the saddle. Noah gallops off into the sunset, and gets to the library just before closing time. In the course of the webisode and related games viewers have the opportunity to learn the Spanish words for kitchen items and shapes. In this activity, your child will practice Spanish vocabulary through a game and craft activity.




What’s in the Kitchen?

In this activity you and your child will play a game to review the Spanish words for the kitchen items seen in the webisode “Cowboys and Librarians.”

Begin the game by discussing the kitchen items seen in the webisode. Discuss:

In what room would you find many of these items?
What are these items used for?
What shape can you see in these items?

Ask your child to point out each kitchen item.  Using the masking tape, label each item with the corresponding Spanish memory card. As an added challenge, ask your child to find items in the kitchen that are the same shape as the shapes explored in the webisode.  

Shape Up!/ Ponerse en forma!

  1. Assist your child in making craft dough using the recipe below:


    *Bonus: When selecting the color for the craft dough, encourage your child to use the Spanish words for colors! If you need a reminder, view the webisode “The Red Balloon.”

  2. It’s game time! Encourage your child to mold the dough with his/her fingers (or use a rolling pin or spoon) to make shapes. Take turns with your child constructing each shape for the other person to guess and identify in Spanish. Encourage your child to mold the dough with his/her fingers (or use a rolling pin or spoon) to make shapes.

  3. Extend the Learning: Review the Spanish words for kitchen items found in the webisode. Repeat the procedure and encourage your child to form kitchen items out of the dough.

  4. After the lesson is completed, store the dough in an airtight container.

Note: Many children are tactile learners, who learn best though a more "hands on" approach. The process of manipulating the dough into various shapes will assist children in learning the Spanish words for each item they form.

Do You Know Your Shapes?
The perfect activity to take on the go! Print the Oh Noah! “Do You Know Your Shapes?/ ¿Reconoces las formas geométricas?” activity sheet and your child can review the Spanish words explored in the “Cowboys and Librarians” webisode.

Noah Memory Card Game
Shuffle the Memory Cards for "Not Milk?," which include the Spanish words for the foods and farm animals explored during the Match It challenges for the webisode. Cut out the individual cards, shuffle them, and lay them on a table, face down. During each turn, a player turns over two cards (one at a time). If the cards are a match, the player keeps those cards and it becomes the next player's turn. When a player turns over two cards that do not match, those cards are turned face down again. The goal of the game is to collect the most number of matches.

Tip: Encourage your child to say each word out loud in English and Spanish when he or she makes a match to reinforce the vocabulary.

Snack Time!

Select a recipe from the Oh Noah! Recipe Cards and review the Spanish words for a variety of foods.

Take It Further:

  • Print and play the Oh Noah! Memory Card Game for “Cowboys and Librarians.”
  • Make your next family game night a Drawing Challenge! Each player will select an Oh Noah! “Cowboys and Librarians” Memory Card and draw the image for their teammates to guess.
  • Ask your child how many sides each shape has and review the Spanish words for numbers learned in the “Down the Drain” webisode.
  • Read books with your class to learn more about kitchen items and shapes. Suggested books, available in both English and Spanish, include:
    • My House / Mi casa by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza
    • What Shape Is It?/Que forma tiene? by Bobbie Kalman
    • Eric & Julieta: A Mess in the Kitchen/ Eric & Julieta: Desastre en la cocina by Isabel Munoz
    • The School/ La escuela by Suzy Liebermann
    • My Very First Book of Shapes / Mi primer libro de figuras by Eric Carle
  • Explore How Do you Say…? on the Oh Noah! website.

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