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There's a Monkey in My Room!


In the webisode "Monkey Business," Noah travels from his Abuela's living room to the middle of the jungle in search of a monkey. Along the way, he learns the Spanish words for "banana" and "monkey," and viewers have the opportunity to learn the Spanish words for various pieces of furniture and jungle animals.

In this activity, children will practice their Spanish vocabulary by playing a game of charades. They will also use the Spanish words for furniture and jungle animals to design their own dream room. Who knew you could have a jungle in your living room?

Your child will review the following Spanish words:

the chair – la silla
the table – la mesa
the couch – el sofá
the lamp – la lámpara
the piano – el piano

Jungle Animals
the lion – el león
the tiger – el tigre
the elephant – el elefante
the giraffe – la jirafa
the hippopotamus – el hipopótamo
the rhinoceros – el rinoceronte
the zebra – la cebra
the monke – el mono



Oh Noah! "Monkey Business" game cards
Print out the Oh Noah! Monkey Business" game cards. Cut out individual cards.

Oh Noah! My Living Room sheet
Print out the Oh Noah! My Living Room sheet.(one for each child) and gather crayons/markers and pencils.


In "Monkey Business," Abuela sits on the sofa in her living room watching a nature program on television that shows a monkey eating a banana. "Quisiera tener un guineo" ("I wish I had a banana"), she says. But when she points to the screen, Noah thinks "un guineo" means a monkey, and heads off to the jungle. Below you will find an assortment of activities that you can use with your child to review the Spanish words for furniture and jungle animals.

Oh Noah! Animal Charades
(Please note: This game is to be played with at least 2 players.)
Place the Spanish language "Monkey Business" game cards featuring jungle animals in a pile. Explain to your child that each player will draw one card from the pile when it is his/her turn. Remind the child to be careful not to show the card to any other player. He/she will then act like the jungle animal on the card, and the other players will try to guess the animal. If another player correctly identifies the animal in both English and Spanish, he/she receives 2 points. If he/she only identifies the animal in one language, then he/she only receives 1 point. Then the next player will go and repeat the steps.

Optional: This game can also be played with the "Monkey Business" game cards featuring pieces of furniture.

Oh Noah! Design My Living Room
Now that your child has learned the Spanish words for various pieces of furniture, it is time to design his/her own dream living room! Ask if he/she has ever seen a map. Explain that when a map shows the rooms inside a building it is called a floor plan. Share a sample floor plan with your child (for example: Explain to your child that all objects on a floor plan are drawn as you would see them from above. Next, encourage your child to be as creative as possible and assist him/her in designing the room using the Spanish words he/she has learned for pieces of furniture. And, since this is an imaginary dream room, suggest that jungle animals can also be added for fun. If your child would like to include additional furniture, and/or animals, challenge him/her to translate additional words using a Spanish/English dictionary or online at

Take It Further:

  • Create a scavenger hunt for your child to complete with clues. Hide the "Monkey Business" game cards featuring jungle animals under various pieces of furniture. Write clues that include Spanish words for furniture, such as "Which animal is hiding under 'la mesa,' a piece of furniture we use when we eat dinner?" and challenge your child to find the hidden animals.
  • Create a virtual tour of the zoo or even your living room using a video recorder (such as the camcorder found on many cellphones). Assist your child in identifying the animals or furniture with their Spanish names. With adult assistance, your child can then upload his/her video to an online video sharing site such as or, and share his/her experience with friends and extended family.
  • Next time you visit the zoo with your child, challenge him/her to identify the animals using his/her Spanish vocabulary words. You can even make a game out of it though playing I Spy ("I spy 'el hipopótamo' in the pond").
  • Encourage your child to put Spanish labels on furniture around the house with the Spanish word for the object.
  • Print and play the Oh Noah! Memory Card game for "Monkey Business" to review the new words learned in this webisode . You can also challenge your child to create his/her own memory cards with additional Spanish terms for furniture and jungle animals. Additional words can be translated using a Spanish/English dictionary or online at Please note that the Memory Card game should be printed on heavy paper if possible.
  • Explore How Do you Say…? on the Oh Noah! website.
  • Go to the library with your child and check out books to learn more about furniture and jungle animals. Suggested books, available in both English and Spanish, include:
    • A Chair for My Mother / Un sillón para mi mama, by Vera B. Williams
    • Goodnight Moon / Buenas noches, luna, by Margaret Wise Brown
    • The Napping House / La casa adormecida, by Audrey Wood
    • My House/ Mi casa, by Richard Scarry
    • Quick As a Cricket/ Veloz como el grillo, by Audrey Wood

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