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My Scavenger Hunt!


In the webisode “Out on a Limb,” Noah takes flight over the clothesline and gets a “bird’s eye view” of the landscape below. To practice the Spanish vocabulary learned in this webisode, children will go on a scavenger hunt in their homes to find an assortment of items.



Print out the My Scavenger Hunt sheet. Hide the clothing listed around the house for your child to find.


Wasn’t it funny when Pequeño fell into a sock on the clothesline? After watching “Out on a Limb,” tell your child it’s time for a scavenger hunt to find some clothes you hid and review some Spanish words. Give your child the My Scavenger Hunt sheet and off you go!

Take It Further:

  • You can reinforce your child's knowledge of Spanish words each night. When setting out clothes for the next day with your child, identify each item in Spanish.
  • Encourage your child to translate additional words using a Spanish/English dictionary or online at
  • Print and play the Oh Noah! Memory Card Game for “Out on a Limb” to review the new words learned in this webisode. You can even challenge your child to create new memory cards with additional Spanish terms for colors.
  • You can review all of the words from this webisode’s Match It challenges with the “Out On a Limb” flashcards.
  • Explore How Do you Say…? on the Oh Noah! website.
  • Be a trip detective! While traveling around the city or on a long car trip, challenge your child to identify:
  • the hills (las colinas)
  • the river (el río)
  • the mountain (la montaña)
  • the lake (el lago)
  • the tree (el árbol)
  • the apartment (el apartamento)
  • the house (la casa)
  • the street (la calle)
  • the school (la escuela)
  • the store (la tienda)

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