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Executive Producers: Jill Peters, Sandra Sheppard

Producer: Michelle Chen

Original Concept Developed by: Louise A. Gikow and David Matthew Feldman

Writers and Associate Producers: Louise A. Gikow and David Matthew Feldman

Senior Interactive Producer: Marj Kleinman

Manager, Children's and Educational Media Outreach: Corey J. Nascenzi

Promotion: Suzanne Rose

Logo Design: B.T. Whitehill

Project Manager: Rekha Menon

Production Coordinator: Eliana Cruz

Intern: Sasha Fisher

Educational Content Advisors: Luisa Costa, Ph.D., Mariana Swick

Translators: Helen Cuesta, Arturo Sheimberg, Mariana Swick

Attorney: Matt Clark

Vice President, Programming: Stephen Segaller


Executive Producers: Ashley Postlewaite, Darrell Van Citters

Directed by: Darrell Van Citters

Storyboards by: Walt Holcombe, Michael Daedalus Kenny, Sean Pendergrass, Brian G Reynolds

Produced by: Peggy Regan

Art Direction: Peter Rida Michail

Music: Jared Faber

Sound Design: Thomas Chan

Editor: Michael D’Ambrosio

Voices: Jorge Diaz, Danny Katiana, Katie Leigh, Omar Avila, Alicyn Packard, Ricardo Núñez Román

Backgrounds: Peter Rida Michail, Kirk Millett, Katrien Verbiest, Trish Burgio, Anand Duncan

Design: Anand Duncan, Arica Houy, Peter Rida Michail, Kirk Millett, Katrien Verbiest, Michelle Kowalski, Sierra Lewis

Technical Direction: Eric EE-Rock Erickson, Tony Salama

Assistant Technical Direction: Zach Smith

Animation::  Joey Adams, Joe Andriola, Jason Beirut, Todd Cronin, Keith Holven, Alec Megibben, Winona Regan, Brian G Reynolds, Randy Sanchez, Zach Smith, Frank Summers

Dialogue Editors: Thomas Chan, Michael D’Ambrosio

Spanish Advisor: Ricardo Núñez Román

Asset Management: Scott Lowe

Closed Captioning: Point 360

Systems Administration: Paul Aguas

Executive Assistant: Heidi Ewart

Production Interns: James Pulaski, Shelley Wang

Animation Produced Entirely in the USA


Web Creative Director: Janette Afsharian

Web Animation Director: Shannon Palmer

Web Design, Animation and Programming: Janette Afsharian, Shannon Palmer

Web Game Programming: Miles Tillman, Nate Pacyga, Terrence Simpson

Web Video Game Programming: Drew Anderson

Web HTML Programming: Sam Lewis

A production of THIRTEEN for WNET
© 2012 THIRTEEN, Louise A. Gikow, and David Matthew Feldman


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