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Ready, Set, Eat


In the webisode "Goodbye Kitty," Coco asks Noah to get her cat (gatito) from the other side of a busy street. But Noah thinks she's asked him to rescue a lion, and that's when the trouble starts! In the corresponding Match It games, players have the opportunity to learn the Spanish words for an assortment of gardening and table setting items. In this activity, children are invited to design a placemat to help them practice their Spanish vocabulary words as they set the table. With this tool, your child can now review vocabulary words at each meal.


  • "My Placemat / Mi mantel individual" craft sheets. (Please note: Page 1 contains the directions and answer key. Page 2 contains the table setting items to be cut out.)
  • (Optional) Clear contact paper or clear packing tape (available in hardware or home supply stores)
  • "Goodbye Kitty" Memory Card game
  • Large piece of construction paper (9"x12")


Print out the Oh Noah! "My Placemat / Mi mantel individual" craft sheets and Memory Card game for "Goodbye Kitty." Cut out individual Memory Cards. Please note that the Memory Card game should be printed on heavy paper if possible.


In "Goodbye Kitty," the lion grabs a snack from a restaurant table as Noah brings him to Coco. In the corresponding Match It game, players identify the Spanish words for a variety of items on the table. Your child will now have the opportunity to practice new Spanish vocabulary words by creating his/her own placemat.

My Placemat / Mi mantel individual
Assist your child in designing his/her placemat and placing the Spanish labels near each corresponding item:

  • the knife (el cuchillo)
  • the fork (el tenedor)
  • the spoon (la cuchara)
  • the napkin (la servilleta)
  • the glass (el vaso)
  • the plate (el plato)
Once complete, use clear contact paper or packing tape to protect the placemat and prevent water damage. You can reinforce your child's knowledge of Spanish words each time you prepare for a meal. Ask your child to set the table and identify each item in Spanish.

Take It Further:

  • Encourage your child to translate additional words using a Spanish/English dictionary or online at

  • Buy a packet of vegetable seeds at your local home supply or gardening store. Following the directions on the back of the packet, assist your child in planting the seeds. Review the Spanish vocabulary words for a variety of gardening items:
    • the trowel (la palita)
    • the watering can (la regadera)
    • the seeds (las semillas)
    • the beans (los frijoles)
    • the plant pot (la maceta)
    • the soil (el suelo)
    • the water (el agua)

    Please note: Pinto beans are suggested because they sprout quickly. Seedlings typically emerge 4-8 days after planting. Blooms will then appear 28-36 days later. If pinto beans are unavailable, any vegetable seed can be used. Please be sure to review the growing instructions on the seed packet to ensure growing conditions.

    Help your child learn and understand the plant life cycle from a seed to a plant. Take pictures of the plant as it grows every few days. With adult assistance, your child can then upload his/her photos to an online photo sharing site such as or and share his/her observations with friends and family.

  • Go to the library with your child and check out books to learn more about plant growth. Suggested books, available in both English and Spanish, include:
    • Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert / Como plantar un arco iris, traducido por F. Isabel Campoy
    • Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert / A sembrar sopa de verduras, traducido por Alma Flor Ada y F. Isabel Campoy
    • How A Seed Grows by Helene J. Jordan, illustrated by Loretta Krupinsky / Cómo crece una semilla, traducido por Maria A. Fiol

  • Print and play the Oh Noah! Memory Card game for "Goodbye Kitty" to review the new words learned in this webisode. You can challenge your child to create new memory cards with additional Spanish terms for garden and table setting items.

  • Explore How Do you Say…? on the Oh Noah! website.

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