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Time to Build!


The neighborhood handyman is up on his ladder, working on the outside of Abuela's building. He asks Noah to hand him his hammer ("el martillo") from his toolbox down below, just as a dog comes along and sits beside it...causing Noah to think "martillo" means "dog." When the dog takes off, he leads Noah on a wacky chase through town. In the course of the webisode, Noah learns the Spanish word for "hammer" and viewers have the opportunity to learn the Spanish words for tools and construction equipment. In this activity, your child will have the opportunity to explore a toolbox and understand how tools are used.

Your child will review the following Spanish words:

The hammer - el martillo
The nail - el clavo
The screwdriver - el destornillador
The saw - la sierra
The ruler - la regla

Construction Equipment
The truck - el camión
The crane - la grúa
The wheelbarrow - la carretilla
The pipe - el caño
The brick - el ladrillo
The shovel - la pala


Explore a Toolbox Activity


Print out the “Hammer Away” Tool Find It! activity sheet. Gather a tool box complete with a hammer, nail, screwdriver, saw, and ruler. If you do not have a toolbox, you can use either a toy tool box or print pictures of tools from online.


In the webisode “Hammer Away,” viewers are introduced to a variety of tools. You can show your child the same tools at home! Lay out the different tools (or pictures of tools) seen in the “Hammer Away” web games and explain how they work. Please be sure to explain to your child that tools can be quite useful, but you always MUST be cautious with them. If you are comfortable, and with adult supervision, allow your child to touch the tools. Encourage your child to notice the differences in the tools (e.g., shapes of handles, weight).

As your child explores the tools, ask him/her to check off the tools on the “Hammer Away” Find It! activity sheet.

Next, you can demonstrate the use of each tool. Show your child how hammers pound nails into the wood, and how screwdrivers push screws. You can even give your child a pair of safety glasses to wear even while he/she is watching to reinforce the importance of safety precautions. Remind your child of the importance of putting tools away when you are done using them. Now that your child has learned more about how tools are used, he/she can draw a picture of someone using a tool on the “Hammer Away” Find It! activity sheet.

My Toolbox Activity


Print the tool template. Gather cardboard or cardstock, a glue stick, and scissors.


Your child can make his/her own tools and toolbox to play with. Assist your child in gluing the tool template onto a piece of cardboard or cardstock. Guide your child in cutting on the dotted line around each tool on the tool template (now glued to the cardboard/cardstock). Your child can now color the new tools.

Next, your child can design his/her own toolbox! Encourage your child to decorate an old shoebox to create a toolbox. Now your child has a place to safely store his/her tools!

Take It Further:

  • Walk by a construction site with your child and identify a truck, crane, wheelbarrow, pipe, brick, or shovel. Encourage your child to identify the construction equipment in Spanish. (Please be sure to adhere to signage near the construction site and stay at a safe distance behind the fence). Challenge your child to look for construction equipment that was not featured in the Oh Noah! interactive, identify it in English, and then translate the words into Spanish. Additional words can be translated using a Spanish/English dictionary or online at http://google.com/translate.
  • Create a brick (el ladrillo) fort with your child out of empty cardboard boxes or even legos! Your child can use his/her cardboard tools to build the fort.
  • Print and play the Noah Memory Card Game for “Hammer Away” to review the new words learned in this webisode. You can even challenge your child to create his/her own memory cards with additional Spanish terms for tools and construction equipment. Additional words can be translated using a Spanish/English dictionary or online at http://google.com/translate. Please note that the Memory Card Game should be printed on heavy paper if possible.
  • Explore “How Do you Say…?" on the Oh Noah! website.
  • Go to the library with your child and check out books to learn more about tools and construction equipment. Challenge your child to identify the tools and construction equipment (in English and Spanish) that he/she learned about in the “Hammer Away” games. Suggested books, available in both English and Spanish, include:
    • Building Things / Construir cosas by Stephanie Reid
    • One Big Building: A Counting Book About Construction / Un gran edificio: Un libro para contar sobre construcción, by Michael Dahl
    • The Three Little Pigs/Los tres cerditos, by Mercè Escardó i Bas
    • My House/Mi casa, by Richard Scarry
    • In Christina’s Toolbox/En la caja de herramientas de Christina, by Dianne Homan & Maria Antonia Salgado
    • Hit It: History of Tools/¡Pégale! Historia de herramientas, by Dona Herweck Rice (Time For Kids non-fiction readers)

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