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Webisode Descriptions

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1. Out on a Limb
Coco wants an apple (“una manzana”) from an apple tree, but when she points up to the branches, Noah thinks she’s pointing to a bird sitting in its nest. A confused Coco watches as Noah eagerly climbs the tree and tries to catch the bird…inspiring him to build his own wings and take to the skies in pursuit.
2. The Red Balloon
Coco asks Noah to buy a red balloon (“un globo rojo”) for her from a balloon vendor on the other side of a busy street. Noah gets the idea of “balloon,” but the “rojo” part eludes him. By the time he gets the color right, Coco has acquired so many balloons in different colors that they lift her into the stratosphere—sending Noah and Pequeño scrambling to rescue her.
3. Not Milk?
When Abuela runs out of milk (“leche”) for Noah’s breakfast, she asks him to go get some more…by miming the process of milking. Assuming his grandmother wants a cow, Noah heads off to the farm, and ends up getting chased by a bull he thought was a cow.
4. Goodbye Kitty
When Coco’s kitty escapes from her building and runs off, Coco frantically enlists Noah’s help. “Mi gatito! Mi gatito!” she cries, pointing across the street. At that moment, a circus parade passes by, and Noah thinks she’s pointing to…the vehicle transporting a lion. To the horror of those he passes by, Noah ends up dragging back to Coco a very big surprise.
5. Monkey Business
Abuela is watching a nature program on TV that shows a monkey eating a banana. “Quisiera tener un guineo” (“I wish I had a banana”), she says. But when she points to the screen, Noah thinks “un guineo” means a monkey, and heads off to the jungle.
6. Down the Drain
When Coco’s ball (“pelota”) rolls into the sewer, she asks Noah to retrieve it for her. When Noah descends into the darkness, he finds a crocodile and retrieves it, assuming that's what Coco meant by "pelota."
7. A Whale Tale
Abuela wants Noah to assist elderly Señor Rodriguez, who is sweeping up his front stoop. However, when Abuela mimes “barrer” (“sweep”), Noah imagines her paddling a canoe. He proceeds to whisk Señor Rodriguez away on the boat ride of his life…ending up in the belly of a whale!
8. Hammer Away
The neighborhood handyman is up on his ladder, working on the outside of Abuela’s building. He asks Noah to hand him his hammer (“el martillo”) from his toolbox down below, just as a dog comes along and sits beside it…causing Noah to think “martillo” means “dog.” When the dog takes off, he leads Noah on a wacky chase through town.
9. Hop, Look, and Listen
Noah is learning how to be a magician. His initial attempt to pull a rabbit out of a hat is unsuccessful, so Coco urges him to speak Spanish, and attempts to help him translate. When Coco misunderstands Noah’s pantomimes, a series of hopping creatures magically appear – but none is a rabbit, until Noah learns that its Spanish name is “conejo.”
10. I Say Tomato
Abuela asks Noah for a newspaper (“un periódico”), gesturing toward someone reading the latest edition on a nearby park bench. But Noah thinks she wants the giant tomato featured in a photo on the front page. He tracks down the prize-winning farmer, who agrees to sell him the tomato. Now, how can he get it back to Abuela? Hint: It won’t fit on the bus.
11. Breaking the Ice
Abuela is throwing a party and she indicates she needs more ice (“hielo”). But Noah misunderstands, thinking she’s showing him the polar bear on the empty ice bag—and he heads off to the Arctic to invite a polar bear to the festivities.
12. Daring Young Man
When Noah takes Coco to the circus, she wants some popcorn (“palomitas de maíz”). But when Noah attempts to buy Coco her favorite snack, he gets lost backstage and inadvertently ends up as part of a trapeze act. Can Noah perform the routine without going splat…and losing Coco’s popcorn?
13. Cowboys and Librarians
In the webisode “Cowboys and Librarians,” Coco’s library book about cowboys is overdue, and Noah offers to return it for her. But when he gets in a cab and says “library” in English while pointing to the book cover, the Spanish-speaking cabdriver misunderstands and takes him to a ranch. His initial attempts to mount a horse are unsuccessful until his lasso catches the tail of a plane, which pulls him into the saddle. Noah gallops off into the sunset, and gets to the library just before closing time.
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