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PBS KIDS Odd Squad

Meet the Characters

Agent Olive

Agent Olive

12-year-old veteran Agent Olive has been with the squad for approximately 12 years. Whip-smart and confident, Olive usually reacts stone-faced to the oddness since she’s seen it all before. But she’s not above having fun – cracking one-liners, without cracking a smile.  

Agent Otto 

Agent Otto

Wild card! Thrill-seeker! Life of the party! Rookie Agent Otto just joined up with the squad and is seeing all this weird, unusual, bizarre stuff for the first time and loving every minute of it. While Olive is cool and calculating, Otto usually goes with his gut. This combination makes them the perfect team.  

Ms. O 

Ms-O.jpg Ms. O is the director of Odd Squad and gives Olive and Otto their assignment at the beginning of each episode. Ms. O is a lovable grump who pushes her agents to do their best, but always supports them in the end. A former Odd Squad agent herself, Ms. O has been known to help out with especially difficult cases.


Agent Oscar

Oscar.jpg Agent Oscar runs the Odd Squad lab and provides gadgets to help with missions. There is always something odd happening in his lab, and Oscar often enters scenes covered in blob or feathers or slime due to an experiment gone wrong. 


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