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  • Karen

    Great ideas!  We’ve got two long trips coming up so we’ll give these a try!  Thanks for the tips. 

    • Jessica E

       You are welcome!

    • Karenbkirk

      Great article, Jessica. I am anxious to take a trip with our four grandaughters now that I have some great ideas …..thanks to you ! I especially liked the curiosity topics !

      • Karenbkirk

        Great article, Jessica. I am anxious to take a trip with our four grandaughters now that I have some great ideas …..thanks to you ! I especially liked the curiosity topics !

        • Jessica E

          Happy Trails to you and your grand daughters!

  • Coupon Kait

    We definitely love the alphabet and license plate game. We’ll have to try some of the others!

    • Jessica E

       CK–you are like me–I had tried those two games, but we tried the others on a recent trip and they were a hit!

  • Jennifer Kennedy

    Fun article with some fun ideas we’ll have to try for our next road trip!

    • Jessica E

       Have a fun trip Jennifer!

  • Kristin

    Great tips. I can’t wait to hear the stories our kids come up with when we play “I wonder where that car is going” this summer. 

    • Jessica E

       Thanks–we tried this game on our last trip and it was a hit!

  • Shawnbard

    Great article!

  • Bridget

    Thanks for the great ideas. 

  • Christy

    Lots of great ideas here.  Thanks!

  • Dawn

    Great ideas! We have a couple of road trips planned this summer so these should help pass the time =o)

    • Jessica E

       Thanks Dawn!  Happy Trails!!

  • 1singularity1

    Really excellent ideas – they’re fun but also can last a while, so the driving time less likely to become cranky time!

    • Jessica E

       I am all for avoiding cranky time!!

  • Lukenna1

    very nice job and great ideas

  • Krisrojas

    Great ideas! Thanks Jessica!

  • SO13

    Can’t wait to try “that’s not something we see everyday” and the other unique ideas.

  • Jartbauer

    Great suggestions!  I remember traveling to northern Michigan and playing the ABC game and to Florida playing the license plate game.  I will be sure to try out the “you don’t see that everyday” game!

  • Barb

    Wow! what creative ideas!! 

  • sarad

    Long trips in the car are such a challenge with young children. Thank you for the great ideas.

  • Mary Kuehn, MOPS mentor

    What a great collection of ideas…I copied to be sure.

    I count cars…red ones which we count together….blue…green…black…white…silver…and ORANGE…now that is a challenge!

    Also cound flags, particularly near a holiday. They take a side and count…I mediate.

    Look at changing trees…target an especially noteworthy one and watch it often…weekly in the fall… My grandson called this…”Our Changing Tree” when he told his mother…very special!

    Thank you! Mary Kuehn

    • Jessica E

       Mary, what great ideas!  I love the counting cars and flags ideas in particular.  I may have to use that for our next long car trip!

  • Karen Tolhurst

    Dear Jessica,
    I really enjoyed your article!  You have many wonderful, doable
    suggestions for traveling families.  Thanks.
    Karen T.

    • Jessica E

       Thanks Karen!  I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  • lizh

    I love the “Where is that car going” game and guessing what’s in the big rig. A great chance to talk about spatial concepts, hot/cold, liquid, etc. And if there’s a known logo on the truck (like General Mills) you could get even more specific about what products might be inside. Thank you for the springboard!

    • Jessica E

       Thank YOU Liz, for the great ideas about spatial concepts, hot/cold, etc.  I love when moms share and brainstorm!

  • melissa

    Thank you for the great article! This will come in handy this next week!

  • Juliet

    Great project! Could you clarify step #4? These are supplies not listed above and where does this “cloud” go? Do you have a picture showing this part? Thanks.

    • Michelle King Cohen

      wondering the same – it seems that step is for a different project, perhaps?

    • Danielle PBS Parents

      You are both absolutely right! That step is for a different project, our “rainbow mobile” craft.

      Thank you for pointing that out and keep on crafting :)

  • Tori

    Awesome ideas! Do you mind if I add a couple of these to ? I love the “Let’s google it” game idea. I hope it doesn’t use up all my data!!

  • Scott

    I really like your “Curiosity Question” game. Do you mind if I use it for my website ? Ill give you credit!
    Thanks again for the article,

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  • Kevin G

    I love all these games their a CD that is really cool that I bought for my kids and I when we travel. Its call Ride Along with Dooey Car Ride Adventures. it was only $11.99

  • GizmoTcbc

    cool article Jessica! You have some
    great road trip games. I have a few
    but with a few variations. I have a 9
    and 7 year old and we frequently have to take 3 hour trips to Portland. I really like your take on the Curiosity
    Questions game! Well have to try it.

  • Lindsay Worrell Casey

    Thanks for all the fabulous ideas!!! I liked them so much I shared this link on my blog along with my kids travel rewards system!

  • Armstrongw

    I would recommend a free educational game for young children (3-7 age) – Trip to Zoo for kids

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  • Christywalton

    One of the fondest memories of family vacations can involve the trip en route, with road trip games and activities providing family bonding and even some educational benefits.