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Created by
Jennifer Oxley + Billy Aronson

 Music Director
J. Walter Hawkes

Executive Producers
Jennifer Oxley + Billy Aronson
Vince Commisso
Kevin Morrison

Supervising Producers
Alia Nakashima
Tanya Green

Jaclynn Demas

Cory Bobiak

Line Producers
Jennifer Bradley
Christine Davis

Production Managers
Sebastian Bae
Ji Kim
Christopher Loggins

Hayley Faith Negrin … Peg
Dwayne Hill … Cat
Thamela Mpumlwana … Ramone
Tommy Wazelle … Pig
Jean Yoon … Connie
Angela Teek … Viv and Mama Bear
Christian DiStefano … Richard
Rob Morrison … Pirates and Others
Kevin Del Aguila … Mac and Others
Gabriel Giammaria … Jesse
Addison Holley … Tessa
Annick Obonsiwan … Mora
Alison Jutzi … Peg’s Mom
Billy Aronson … Farmer
Olivia Champeau, Milena Elias-Reyes and Mateo Lizcano … Kid Chorus
Carys Casucci … Littlest Chicken
Carol Hanzel … New York Casting

Writing Team
Billy Aronson
Kevin Del Aguila
Dustin Ferrer
Billy Lopez
Qui Nguyen
Jennifer Oxley

J. Walter Hawkes
Martin Erskine
D.D. Jackson
Zina Goldrich
Larry Hochman
Pat Irwin
Nick Balaban

Audio Director
Steven Rebollido

Storyboard Supervisor
Christopher Jammal

Creative Director
Jennifer Oxley

Head Writer
Billy Lopez

Lead Composer
J. Walter Hawkes

Research Director
Beth Richman

Research Assistant
Melinda LaRose

Educational Consultants
Francis (Skip) Fennell, PhD
Nicholas Oxley

Animation Director
Brett Hall

Animation Producer
Robert Powers

Rigging Supervisor
Andrew Roberts

Lead Character Animator
Zachary Decktor

Animation Supervisors
Steve Boeckler
Logan McNeil

Lead Animators
Patrick Hart
Bryan Murdoch

Lead Designers
Amy De Lay
Erica Kepler

Key Designer
Michael Zodorozny

Andrea Bowers
Carlos Garza
Alexandra Huzsvai
Hyera Lee
Nonna Medvedyeva
Ryan Morris

Technology Director
M. Shitsuji

Script Coordinator + Production Assistant
Stacey Greenberger

Beat Board Artist
Wayne Lee Pack

Storyboard Artists
Ken Cunningham
Mathias Horhager
Hyein Park
Jiin Park
Rich Vanatte

Storyboard Revisionists
Suzanne Dargie
Hong Qi

Layout Supervisor
Laura Stitzel

Scene Set-Up Team
Stephen Ashley
Giovanni Di Mauro
Nicole Gagnon
Danielle Mahaffey

Post Production Supervisor
Giles Sander

Kirk Hudson
Erik Loponen

Ashley Baird
Brentton Barkman
Trish Bartkiw
Mike Binsted
Nicole Breedyk
Derek Gowland
Yunho Jeong
Jenn Kerr
Allison Neil
Dean Parent
Diego Sierra
Rob Simpson
David Tran
King Xiong

Music Recorded by
Blatboy Productions at the Blat-o-box

Audio Engineers
Dan Crowley
Matt McKenzie
Dan Mennella

Sound Design and Foley
Dick Maitland

Voice Directors
Susan Hart
Nathalie Toriel
Steven Rebollido

Sound Mixers
Steven Rebollido
Peter Robbins

Recording Studio
Voodoo Highway Music

Production Accounting
Lisa Moss

Production Assistant
Susan Godfrey

Business Affairs
Ed Labowitz, Esq.

Digital Producer
Dave Peth


Kendra Mattozzi

Interactive Director
Matt Moore

Animation Director
Mike Annear

Creative Director
Dave Schlafman

Eric Ente
Matt Moore
Andrew Start

Mike Annear
Joe Boyle
Kim Hui
Dillon Kemble
John Loren
Kurt Snyder

Art and Design
Kim Hui
Heather Mendonca

Sound Design
Brian Smith

Quality Assurance Testing
Jake Beech
Allison Johnson

PEG + CAT Activities

Cat Beanie Activity
Puppet Heap

Kimb James-Jammal

Peg and Cat Puppets
Erica Kepler

Flip Book Activities
Zachary Decktor

Design for Web Site and Games
Alexandra Huzsvai
Christopher Jammal
Etsu Kahata
Erica Kepler

Lauren Alford

Game Consultant
Jason Schneider

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The contents of this program were developed under a cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

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