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Play a fun game modeled after Pirate Island as seen on Peg + Cat!

(For 2-4- Players)

Pirates love peaches! So do Peg and Cat! And the peaches on pirate island are extra sweet and juicy! So help Peg, Cat, and the pirates collect as many peaches as they can before the sun goes down. And watch out for that big hungry Big Mouth, and a band of sneaky, snack- snatching monkeys!

 Make the Game

It’s easy to make your own Peach Party board game at home!

spinnerGather your materials:

• An old cereal box (or tabbed file folder, or thin cardboard)
• Scissors
• Paper clip
• Clear tape
• Masking tape or other thick tape
• Glue or glue stick
Print-outs of the board game pieces: game board, spinner, characters, peaches

Prepare the pieces:

  1. Cut out the front or back side of the cereal box.
  2. Glue the printed-out sheet with the spinner, character pieces, and sun block to the cardboard (glue sticks work best.) Smooth out any bubbles.
  3. When the glue has dried, use scissors to cut out the spinner base (the square part), spinner arrow, character pieces, stabilizers (to hold up the character pieces), sun block, and peaches.

Make the spinner: 

  1. Unfold a paper clip as shown here:
  2. Use the pointy end to poke holes in the center of the spinner base and the arrow.
  3. Push the end of the unfolded paper clip first through the arrow, then into the spinner base.
  4. Secure the end of the paper clip to the underside of the base using masking tape or other strong tape.
  5. Test the spinner by flicking the arrow with your finger to make sure it spins easily.

Put together the Playing Pieces:

You can leave your characters lying down on the board. But if you’d like to stand them up:

  1. Use scissors to cut a small slit between the feet of each one.
  2. Cut a small slit in each rectangular “stabilizer”.
  3. Push one stabilizer into each playing piece so that it creates a “+” at the base. Now they should stand up straight.


Make the Game Board:

  1. Put the two “Game Board” sheets next to each other on a flat surface. Line them up carefully.
  2. Use clear tape to join the two sides together down the middle.
  3. Place the sun block on the first sun square on the right of the board. That’s it! You’re all set up. Arrrr you ready to play?

How to Play

Get Ready

Each player chooses a playing piece, and puts it on one of the “Share Fair” spaces on the board (one per space!). They look like this:

Each player gets two peaches. The rest of the peaches go on the tree in the middle of the board.

Place the sun block on the first sun square on the right of the board.

To decide who goes first, each player spins the spinner once. Whoever spins the highest number goes first; play continues clockwise around the board. Anyone who spins the sun automatically goes first. If two players spin the same number, both spin again.

Playing the Game



A number.  If you land on the same space as another player, in addition to following the symbol, take one peach from each player who’s already on that space. In either case, this ends your turn.




The sun. Move the sun block to cover the next sun square down. Then spin again.



When you land on a space look at the symbol on it. Here’s what to do if you land on a:


Peach. You found some fruit! If the space shows one peach, collect one peach from the tree in the middle.  If it shows two peaches, collect two!




Monkey. Oh, no! A monkey snatched one of your peaches and gave it to another player! Pass one of your peaches to the player whose piece is closest to yours on the board. (Count the number of paces in front and behind you.) In the event of a tie, the peach goes to the player with fewer peaches.





Big Mouth. Feed Big Mouth! Put one of your peaches on the Big Mouth spot in the middle.




Share Fair! Shout “Share Fair!” Next, move everyone’s playing piece to the Share Fair space you landed on. Then, let the fair sharing begin! Gather all players’ peaches into a pile in front of you, and give each player one peach from the pile until everyone has the same amount. Feed any leftovers to Big Mouth in the middle. (Note: If all players have the same number of peaches already, the peaches should still be collected and divided fairly again.)



Finishing the Game

Continue taking turns spinning the arrow and moving around the board until one of the following happens:

1.         The Sun Block reaches the moon icon

2.         There are no more peaches left in the middle

At this point, all players count their peaches. Whoever has the most peaches wins. If there’s a tie, all tied players win!




Here’s a printable version of the game.




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