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Dinosaur Discoveries

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Category: Episode Guide

The Robin Hood Problem

Robin Hood can’t tell how to redistribute the goodies! So Peg and Cat must teach him more and less.

Primary Learning Goal: Strategies for determining “more” and “less”, counting, estimating and weighing
Secondary Learning Goal: Using a pan balance

The Owl and the Pussycat Problem

 The Pig will only give Cat the hat he needs to warm his ears, if Peg and Cat will give him “infinity”. So Peg and Cat sail off in search of infinity.

Primary Learning Goal: Infinity
Secondary Learning Goal: Counting by 10’s, more than

The Magic Uke

Peg must trek through the Kingdom of Night to reach Cat. To cross the star-shaped steps, Peg needs to find lines of symmetry with the help of a magic ukulele.

Primary Learning Goal: Understanding day and night
Secondary Learning Goal: Finding lines of symmetry

The Rocking Out Problem

When Baby Fox makes a spectacular musical instrument out of junk, Peg and Cat get stuck in it! To get out they must use up, down, around and 3/4 time.

Primary Learning Goal: Up, down, over and around
Secondary Learning Goal: Musical patterns

The T-Ball Problem

Peg’s T-Ball Team, the Mighty Nine, have no chance against a team of Aliens all-stars — Unless Peg can use the Aliens’ T-ball cards to predict where they’ll hit.

Primary Learning Goal: Making predictions
Secondary Learning Goal: Ordinal numbers, between

 The Bus Problem

When the Electric Eleven perform on the farm, the 100 chickens swipe the band’s bus and drive it around the world! Peg and Cat use position words to keep up with them.

Primary Learning Goal: Describing position: inside, outside, in front and behind
Secondary Learning Goal: Counting to 100 by 10’s and 5’s

The Groovy Sixties Problem

Peg and Cat help Peg’s hippy Grandmom create a groovy birthday present for Granddad based on his favorite numbers: the sixties.

Primary Learning Goal: Counting in the 60’s
Secondary Learning Goal: Using simple shapes to make complex shapes, counting by 10’s

Bad Jack is Back

When Bad Jack returns with his gang to tickle the townspeople, a surprise guest shows Peg and Cat how to fend off the bad guys’ six feathers with four feathers.

Primary Learning Goal: Different combinations adding up to 10
Secondary Learning Goal: Using maps

The Flat Woman Problem

Super Peg and Cat Guy face their greatest challenge yet: Triangulo and Flat Woman have teamed up to triangulate and flatten the entire town!

Primary Learning Goal: Distinguishing 2D shapes from 3D shapes
Secondary Learning Goal: Recognizing triangles

The Hanukkah Problem

When Albert Einstein has Peg and Cat over on Hanukkah, he shows them how to make a 2D piece of paper into a 3D dreidel. Later, they need to use this process to bring peace to Al’s home and save his Hanukkah.

Primary Learning Goal: Turning 2D shapes into 3D shapes
Secondary Learning Goal: Length, width and height

Richard the Third

At Richard’s family’s highly competitive annual picnic, Peg and Cat try to help Richard achieve his dream of not coming in third in every single event.

Primary Learning Goal: Comparing attributes (comparative vocabulary)
Secondary Learning Goal: Ordinal numbers

The Lemonade Problem

When Peg realizes her lemonade stand has no cups, Cat must make a series of shrewd business deals to get 200 cups with only 2 cookies.

Primary Learning Goal: Comparing numbers
Secondary Learning Goal: Bar graphs

 The Roxanne Problem

Cat longs to impress the savvy Roxanne with his knowledge of solid shapes. So he moves his lips as his hidden friend Peg speaks for him.

Primary Learning Goal: Recognizing solid shapes: rectangular prisms, pyramids, cylinders, spheres
Secondary Learning Goal: Counting by 2’s to 20

The Girl Group Problem

Peg’s girl group the Pentagirls has its biggest show ever, featuring a new hit song about flips, slides, and turns.

Primary Learning Goal: Flips, slides and turns
Secondary Learning Goal: 2D shapes

The Bermuda Triangle Problem

While on their beach vacation, Peg, Cat and the Pig tumble through a portal to a bizarre triangular universe.

Primary Learning Goal: Triangles
Secondary Learning Goal: Points and lines

The Breeze in the Branches

The Toad brings Peg and Cat to the forest where he grew up and introduces him to his old friends, and his old patterns.

Primary Learning Goal: Identifying, creating and extending simple patterns
Secondary Learning Goal: Recognizing cubes

The Allergy Problem

When Peg is told she’s allergic to Cat, Cat leaves home! Ramone flies Peg around the world in his flying machine that runs on 100 pebbles, in search of her friend.

Primary Learning Goal: The value of mistakes, adding to 5
Secondary Learning Goal: Counting by 10’s to 100

I Do What I Can: The Musical!

Peg and Cat present a Broadway musical about the amazing Ramone, who became a hero by doing 30 great things, 5 at a time.

Primary Learning Goal: Counting to 30 by 5’s
Secondary Learning Goal: Counting to 30 by 1’s

The Wonderland Problem

Landing in Wonderland, Peg and Cat eat berries to grow bigger or smaller, in their quest to get back Peg’s stick from the Queen of Hearts.

Primary Learning Goal: Height and length
Secondary Learning Goal: Comparing amounts

The Bat Mitzvah Problem

Peg and Cat help Tessa’s Bat Mitzvah run smoothly by keeping an eye on Uncle Phil, who thinks he can do ten more of everything than he actually can.

Primary Learning Goal: Seeing a 10 in teen numbers
Secondary Learning Goal: Adding on

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