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Mornings on PBS KIDS

About Mornings on PBS KIDS

Miss Rosa, Mr. Steve, and loveable animated guinea pig, Hooper, make learning an adventure. Together, they educate and entertain preschoolers using music, movement, art, activities and storytelling. All of this takes place in a warm, colorful and creative preschool environment.

Let mornings on PBS KIDS inspire a love of learning in your kids.

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Fun Games for Preschoolers

Curious George

Looking for a game that Miss Rosa told you about on TV? Find it in our handy list below! Then, come back and try another with your child.

Each game teaches critical ideas and thinking that will help your child be successful in kindergarten. You can also find tons of activities in our Fun and Games section!

Curious George

Curious George

Big Picture

Build observation skills by matching magnified images to one of nine photographs. Play »

Going Green

Teach your child to protect the earth with these ideas on how your family can reduce, reuse and recycle. Play »

On a Hike

Learn the value of a compass to show direction by using one to solve simple challenges. Play »

Monkey Made

Discuss the concepts of “natural” and “people-made” with your child, and explore ideas of “bigger” and “smaller.” Play »

Pattern Play

Build basic math skills by sorting and arranging objects into patterns, and by copying simple movement and sound patterns. Play »

Ramp and Roll

Teach simple principles of physical science and engineering by experimenting with ramps and things that roll. Play »

Size Them Up

Gain a better understanding of size by ordering objects from smallest to largest. Play »

Sort It Out

Develop your child’s ability to observe, describe and organize by sorting and arranging objects in multiple ways. Play »

Tools Count

Consider how tools help us build things or make things easier with this simple challenge. Play »

What's That Shape

Recognize and name basic geometric shapes, and then discover how those shapes make up objects in the world around you. Play »

Wheel Discoveries

Explore where and why wheels are used and then push, pull or ride objects with wheels to learn more about them. Play »

Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

The Big Bird Nest

Explore how birds make their homes by creating a nest with glue, a bowl, and materials like grass, twigs and leaves. Play »

Estimation Exploration

Develop number sense by estimating numbers of objects and then checking those numbers by counting. Play »

Healthy Foods

Help your child learn how to eat a varied diet by comparing and contrasting foods and sorting them into food groups. Play »

Leaf Investigators

Practice scientific skills by gathering, observing, describing, comparing and sorting leaves. Play »

Magnification Observation

Find out how a magnifying glass helps things look bigger so we can discover details about them that are difficult to see. Play »

Sound Garden

Compare and contrast the sounds made by different materials and explore loud and soft sounds. Play »

Texture Hunt

Explore the sense of touch by finding, feeling and describing different textures. Play »

What's That Smell

Use the sense of smell to gather information about objects and predict what they are. Play »

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