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Mornings on PBS KIDS

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About Mornings on PBS KIDS

On PBS KIDS, learning is an adventure that's fun and engaging for the preschool audience. Our featured programs Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why! and Dinosaur Train are grounded in everyday exploration and teach children critical ideas and thinking skills that help prepare them for kindergarten. Entertaining and educational breaks between the four programs extend these learning adventures with hosts Miss Rosa, Mr. Steve and the loveable, animated guinea pig Hooper.

Each program break focuses on ideas relevant to a preschooler's life and invites children at home to play along so that they are part of the experience. The segments feature hands-on activities with Miss Rosa and real preschoolers, a show-and-tell time with Miss Rosa and Hooper, and music videos with Mr. Steve. In addition, PBS KIDS icons Dot and Dash direct children to associated online content that will continue to build their understanding of the ideas and situations presented. All of this takes place in a visually stimulating, creative and high-tech environment.

Meet Miss Rosa

Miss Rosa

Miss Rosa is the lovable, bubbly, preschool teacher you always wanted! A teacher of Costa Rican and Puerto Rican descent, she is bilingual and very comfortably switches back and forth between English and Spanish. Miss Rosa helps young children navigate the world around them through art, song, dance, storytelling, humor and advice. With natural ease and charm, Miss Rosa is a trusted guide that encourages children to explore and learn. When she is not teaching, she can be found in-line skating, dancing, cooking or volunteering in community reading programs. Her favorite color is orange.

Meet Mr. Steve

Mr. Steve

Parent’s Choice Gold Award-winning music sensation SteveSongs joined PBS KIDS as Mr. Steve in 2008. With his winsome smile, melodic voice and guitar, Mr. Steve delights preschoolers every day. Mr. Steve got his big break in 1997 when he wrote his first children’s song for his brother’s first grade class and became a hit with children and parents. Since then, Mr. Steve has been writing and performing his award-winning music for kids and families. On PBS KIDS, Mr. Steve blends participatory songs, clever stories and great melodies to create an engaging and explorer-based experience for kids. Combining his two passions, music and kids, Mr. Steve believes he has “the coolest job ever.” Mr. Steve enjoys traveling across the country to meet his fans, but is very happy to spend time at home with his wife and toddler.



Hooper is the quintessential five-year-old: open, inquisitive, slightly mischievous, energetic, funny, endearing and precocious – he just happens to be a fun-loving guinea pig and Miss Rosa’s and Mr. Steve’s co-host. He is constantly on the go, getting into things and exploring. He also likes to hang out with the other kids. Like most preschoolers, Hooper is determined to do things on his own and doesn’t give up easily. Hooper has a love of knowledge – a wide-eyed innocence about the world. This quest for knowledge parlays into a love of dinosaurs – he takes every opportunity to talk about them. Hooper loves to laugh and make others laugh with him, and his love of learning entices other kids to learn with him.

More friends to Meet



Dash is a friendly seven-year-old who lives in the online world of PBS KIDS. Each day he guides viewers through a computer game and serves as the host online from the monitor. Dash is a curious yet logical and patient seven-year-old who likes adventure. He is very friendly and gets along with everyone. He plays soccer, swims and rides his bike, but his favorite pastime is the Internet and his favorite website is Through the Internet, Dash often guides friends to and through new and exciting games and exposes them to different TV shows.



Dot is Dash's four-year-old sister. She lives in the online world as the curator and host of Dot's Story Factory, an online tool that teaches children that a story has a "beginning," "middle" and an "end." Each day, she showcases some of the stories that viewers have submitted. Dot is naturally curious, and because she is little, her curiosity often gets her into trouble, but she is quick to learn from her mistakes. She learns many things from her older brother and looks up to him – he is her best friend. Dot is playful, lively, vivacious and charming, and she likes meeting new people. Like Dash, she also loves the computer and is a bit of a techie!

Viewing Tips

Follow these tips to help your child get the most from PBS KIDS:

  1. Watch TV together.

    When you watch TV with your children, they can ask questions and talk about what they see. You can gauge how much they understand by asking them to explain what they see. This will help them make connections between what they watch and other things in their lives.

  2. Encourage participation.

    Encourage your child to sing along or dance with the music. When Miss Rosa talks to viewers or asks them a question, encourage your child to respond.

  3. Ask questions.

    During a program, ask your child what she thinks will happen next. Ask your child to name her favorite character and explain why she likes that character. After a program, ask her to tell you what she saw and heard during the program. How would she have solved a problem the characters encountered?

  4. Build on what they watch.

    Reinforce what your children learn from TV by reading books and doing activities that relate to the themes of the programs they watch.

Learning Goals

The hosts of PBS KIDS provide entertaining and educational segments that:

  • focus on everyday exploration;

  • target the developmental needs of preschool-age children; and

  • concentrate on kindergarten readiness.

Each segment features ideas relevant to a preschooler’s life, and draws from a number of age-appropriate learning areas, such as science, music, the arts and creative expression, math, literacy, and social and emotional skills.

The content for each hosted program break is developed in conjunction with distinguished educational consultants whose overarching philosophy is that kids learn through play and that exploration can lead to exciting discovery. Interactive moments deepen the level of learning by inviting kids at home to practice the skills and to learn by doing.

The PBS KIDS Programs

Curious George

Curious George

Curious George, based on the beloved children's classic, uses George's insatiable curiosity as a way of acquainting preschoolers with key concepts in math, science and engineering. Find out more.

Sid the Science Kid


Sid the Science Kid taps music and humor to promote exploration and discovery. It also celebrates children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life. Find out more.

Super Why!

Super Why!

Super Why! teaches the fundamentals of reading through interactive storybook adventures with four best friends: Red, from Little Red Riding Hood; Pig, from the Three Little Pigs; Princess, from the Princess and the Pea; and Whyatt, the curious younger brother of Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk. Find out more.

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train helps kids apply scientific thinking as they discover new types of dinosaur species, compare and contrast dinosaurs to today's creatures and embrace the living sciences of paleontology and natural science. Find out more.

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