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Jet is a typical kid for Bortron 7, but he’s extraordinary to the kids next door. He’s always curious, he’s fearless, he leaps before he looks. Jet is unafraid of failure; on Bortron 7 there is no word for failure. You can’t get him down. Jet’s also kind of like the Music Man – you never know when he might burst into a song that he made up on the spot. He can build anything. Jet is endlessly delighted by our planet, which to him is huge and lush, incredibly varied and beautiful. He often points out the wonders of ordinary things to the Earth kids.

Sydney is the “sci-fi kid.” She loves sci-fi stories – she loves ANY kind of story! But she especially loves a multi-platform series called “Commander Cressida,” about a fearless female spaceship captain. Sydney is all about using her imagination. She represents the power of imagination in science – the person who asks “what if?” She knows that science-fiction ideas have inspired many technological innovations and advances, that scientists are as inspired by what they saw on Star Trek as anything in a scientific journal.
Sean is the son of scientists and astronauts. So he figures he’s going to grow up to be a great scientist himself, AND lead the first mission to Mars. The problem is, Sean is afraid of heights, and being in cramped spaces, and easily gets space-sick. So he’s trying to overcome these things before he grows up and becomes an actual astronaut. Sean’s the practical one, always insisting on doing things the old-fashioned way – even though he’s now suddenly hanging out in a very sci-fi reality with Jet! Sean’s a big fan of following the rules of the Scientific Method, which he sings about in his own song.

Mindy lives across the street and is always coming over to see what the bigger kids are doing. Mindy is 4, so she asks the real questions that 4-year- olds ask about space. The answers to the these questions are often what the episodes are about. She's not always in possession of the facts and is still a magical thinker. To her, the phases of the Moon mean that there are “a lot of moons, like the round fat one, and the one shaped like a taco, and the skinny, pointy one.”

Sunspot is a Bortronian pet, a kind of cross between a dog, cat, bunny, and raccoon. Sunspot doesn’t talk, but he likes to imitate the sounds of various other animals. He’s usually way ahead of what the kids are doing or thinking or realizing.
CarrotCelery_CharacterProfile.jpgCARROT AND CELERY PROPULSION
Mr. and Mrs. Propulsion (who go by “typical Earth names” Carrot and Celery) work as intergalactic travel writers, and are here on Earth for a long stay, from which they intend to file many travel stories. Like Jet and all Bortronians, they’re cheerful and fearless. As Bortronian travel writers, they follow the Prime Directive: “don’t freak out the locals.” They also tell Jet to “leave your campsite cleaner than when you found it.” However well-intentioned, though, they tend to forget to keep their alien identity a secret and keep telling people that they are from Bortron 7. Carrot and Celery tend to talk in a rather eccentric English, since they just downloaded it when they arrived on Earth. They mix up their metaphors and are always freshly learning Earth habits like shopping for food, taking care of the house, and “mowing the roof.”


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