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Season 1

Episode 101: Turtle Mania

Izzie straps on her waders and joins Annie and her friends to make a local wetland more attractive to turtles.

Learning Goals: Learn the basics about turtles, their habitats, and how to conduct a population study and communicate your findings. Also see how to combine that knowledge with design and engineering skills in an eco-friendly way.

Episode 102: Puppet Power

Izzie joins Anna and her friends to engineer a giant pig puppet for a May Day parade, complete with blinking eyes and a twirling tail.

Learning Goals: From this fun example of the design and engineering process, your child will learn how professional engineers create and test prototypes, and watch simple machines bring a giant puppet to life. Also see the benefits of teamwork and how to use technology to get involved in the community.

Episode 103: Dolphin Dive

Izzie, Serena and Ceci bond with bottlenose dolphins, exploring their behavior at the Dolphins Plus Research Center.

Learning Goals: Understand the process of scientific inquiry by watching each step of a full investigation into how 2 dolphins have their own personality and how their personality affects their behavior. Also see how to use math to analyze and chart findings just like a professional marine biologist.

Episode 104: Digging Archaeology

Izzie unearths the past with Jazzy and Gates, uncovering thousand-year-old Native American artifacts at a Utah dig site.

Learning Goals: See how an archeologist uses math and data collection out at an actual dig site, carefully documenting and analyzing ancient artifacts to solve the mystery of a lost people.

Episode 105: Horsing Around

Izzie joins Zoe and her friends as they “pony up” some science to select the best horse for a riding competition.

Learning Goals: A fun introduction to veterinary science and biology, see how different measurements of horse fitness and anatomy can be collected and calculated to find the horse with the smoothest ride. Also see how to tackle scientific bias, when personal opinions might differ from scientific data.

Episode 106: Blowin’ in the Wind

Izzie’s off the grid with Hannah and her friends, who design and build their own working miniature wind farm.

Learning Goals: Learn the key concepts in physical science related to energy and electricity by watching girls experiment with elements of wind turbines to produce the most electricity. Also tour a real wind farm with a mentor, a great example of a potential career in renewable energy.

Episode 107: High Tech Fashion

With Project Runway fashion designer Diana Eng, Izzie wires up an electrifying gown with Hallie and her friends.

Learning Goals: See how physical science and technology can be tools of creative careers, also learn basic concepts in electricity, conductive materials, and gain an understanding of how electrical circuits work.

Episode 108: Science Cooks!

Izzie cooks up a taste test with Claire and her friends who make comfort foods more nutritious (without sacrificing the delicious).

Learning Goals: By using a recipe like a chemistry experiment, learn to conduct tests and measure the effects of varying different ingredients. Also see how using math to analyze and display survey results is a great way to share what you have learned.

Episode 109: Underwater Eco-Adventure

Izzie takes the plunge with Elle and Meg, scuba diving to protect the biodiversity of their favorite Catalina reefs.

Learning Goals: Guided by a marine biologist investigate and compare ecosystems of two different rocky reefs. Learn how ordinary citizens can become scientists by participating in a project to monitor reef health.

Episode 110: Robots to the Rescue!

Izzie joins Abby and friends to give a rescue robot a personality makeover, so it can do a better job when disaster strikes.

Learning Goals: Using rescue robots that help disaster victims learn how to apply computer programming skills to test whether people respond better to outgoing or reserved robots. Also see how the collaborative nature of science brings together computer scientists, engineering, and psychologists.

Episode 111: Going Green

Izzie joins forces with Mackenzie and friends, putting a lid on school trash by inventing a new use for recycled yogurt cups.

Learning Goals: Go green as you learn how to perform a trash audit to determine what’s being thrown away. Then come up with fun ways to reuse materials that can’t be recycled.

Episode 112: Star Power

Izzie reaches for the stars with Avianna and Miranda, as they help cut down on light pollution in their neighborhood.

Learning Goals: This episode teaches kids how to collect data using telescopes and GPS technology to figure out how the amount of light in your area affects your ability to see the stars at night. Also learn about how to design and test a light shield to help combat light pollution.

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