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Sesame Street


Featured Activities

  • Activity
  • Episode
  • Learning Goal
  • Description
  • Let’s Practice!
  • Episode 4309: Practice Makes Proud
  • Task Persistence
  • Help your child make a book of her accomplishments.
  • Noises All Around Us
  • Episode 4308: Don't Wake the Baby
  • Sound Discrimination; Sorting
  • Listen to the sounds around you and play a sorting game.
  • Jobs in Your Neighborhood
  • Episode 4307: Brandeis is Looking for a Job
  • Neighborhood People and Places; Social Development
  • Learn about jobs in your neighborhood and talk to your child about what he might want to do someday.
  • My Favorite Letter
  • Episode 4306: A Song for Letter G
  • Letter Identification; Letter-Sound Relationships; Alliteration; Literacy
  • What can your child do with his favorite letter?
  • Eating Well!
  • Episode 4305: Me Am What Me Am
  • Nutrition; Health
  • Make a healthy snack with your child.
  • Telling the Truth
  • Episode 4304: Baby Bear Comes Clean
  • Problem Solving; Self-Regulation
  • Use dolls or stuffed animals to role play a scenario where one character has to wait before he can have a treat.
  • Remember Together!
  • Episode 4303: Hansel and Gretel's Playdate with Big Bird
  • Remembering; Sequencing; Self-Regulation
  • Help your child remember her day and create a story.
  • Playing with Others!
  • Episode 4302: The Good Sport
  • Friendship; Social-Emotional Development
  • Play your own game of hot potato and help your child learn how to be a team player!
  • Learning to Wait
  • Episode 4301: Get Lost Mr. Chips
  • Waiting; Delayed Gratification; Self-Regulation
  • Help your child make a poster of different strategies she can use when waiting her turn.
  • Piggy Bank Saving
  • Episode 4282: Elmo Wants to Have a Ball
  • Counting; Saving; Making Charts; Delayed Gratification
  • Help your child understand the concept of saving by creating a piggy bank and counting money.
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