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Sesame Street

Current Season

4501: School for Chickens

Professor Buck Awe is setting up a new school for chickens and invites Elmo to stay for the day. Professor Buck Awe tries to teach the chickens when they arrive, but the chickens are just too unruly. With Elmo’s help he teaches the chickens how to listen, raise their hands, and stand patiently in line.

Subject: Self-regulation
Brought to you by: N & 4
Word on the Street: Strenuous – When something is hard work and you need a lot of energy to do it.

4502: Bert’s Training Wheels

Bert and Ernie go for a bike ride, but Bert falls and breaks one of his training wheels. Luis tries to fix the bike but realizes he’s missing a part for it. Ernie and Luis encourage Bert to try and ride without his training wheels, but Bert insists that he needs them. Will Bert have the courage to ride without the training wheels?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: I & 2
Word on the Street: Repair – To fix something.

4503: Proud to Be Me

Segi, the president of the Sesame Street Snazzy Society, is leading a meeting by first doing the Snazzy Shuffle dance, then reading Snazzy Jazzy and the Snazziest Toy. She gets upset when she reads that Snazzy Jazzy didn’t think a teddy bear was snazzy because it was too brown, because Segi has brown skin. Leela, Mando, and Chris help her realize that they all have different skin and that it makes them special and unique.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: Y & 9
Word on the Street: Skin – Protects your body and can be used to touch and feel things.

4504: Numeric-Con

Sesame Street is hosting the Numeric-Con convention and Elmo and Leela are going! Leela helps Elmo create a plan so he can do the things he wants to do most. Things are going well until Elmo discovers that his favorite hero, The Green LanTEN, has left. Now how will he be able to finish everything on his plan?

Subject: Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: A & 0
Word on the Street: Flexible – To change or bend easily.

4505: Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin

Penelope Penguin is visiting Sesame Street but admits that she has a hard time making new friends because she is too enthusiastic. Chris tells her she can make friends if she remembers to stop and think. Will Penelope remember to do this?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: K & 11
Word on the Street: Enthusiastic – Really excited about something.

4506: Fifteen’s Quinceanera

Abby and Zoe find out that Number Fifteen never had a quinceanera, so they set off to plan one for her. She wants fifteen of everything so that’s what they get. There are a few problems that they encounter, but Mando helps them out by leading them to a compromise. In the end, they throw the best quinceanera ever!

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: Z & 15
Word on the Street: Fiesta – The Spanish word for party.

4507: A Bicycle Built by Two

Telly is getting ready to go on a bike ride and Little Chicken wants to go too, but she doesn’t have her own bike. Luis and Telly agree to help build a bike for her. Telly manages to find parts that are all the right size and Luis helps put everything together. Little Chicken is so excited to have her new bike!

Subject: STEM, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: L & 5
Word on the Street: Diagram – A picture that shows the parts of something and how they go together.

4508: Ernie’s Dance Video

Ernie wants to make a video of the world dancing with him. Bert throws a wrench in his plans because he doesn’t want to dance, but he encourages Ernie to change his plan. Will Ernie be able to finish his dance video?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: D & 20
Word on the Street: Ridiculous – Very, very silly or awkward.

4509: If Me Had That Wand

Abby and Elmo are presenting the number of the day – number six. Abby uses her wand to make six ping-pong balls and Cookie Monster immediately starts thinking about using Abby’s wand to make cookies. Cookie Monster tries to take Abby’s wand but Alan stops him and asks how Cookie thinks Abby would feel if he took her wand. Cookie thinks about it and changes his mind, but how will he get his cookies?

Subject: Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: W & 6
Word on the Street: Astounding – When something is so amazing it takes you by surprise.

4510: Calm Down and Think

While Elmo is going for a ride on his tricycle he notices Chris’ new bicycle horn. He wants one of his own and Guy Smiley tells Elmo that he can win a new bike horn if he plays the game show ‘Calm Down and Think.’ Alan signs on to be Elmo’s coach, but during the last question Alan has to go help Chris at Hooper’s store. Elmo isn’t sure he can remember the strategies for calming down and getting the right answer without Alan.

Subject: Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: U & 7
Word on the Street: Coach – Someone who teaches you to do something.

4511: Peter Piper’s Purpose

It’s Pickled Pepper Day at Hooper’s Store, but Peter Piper forgot to bring the pickles because he wants to pursue something pizzazier. Telly agrees to help but keeps running into Peter and dropping the peppers. Meanwhile, the customers requiring peppers is growing. Will Alan be able to deliver the peppers without the help of Peter Piper?

Subject: Literacy, Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: P & 3
Word on the Street: Popular – When something is really liked by a lot people.

4512: Big Bird Loses His Nest

Big Bird loses his nest to Minnie Mynah and she won’t give it back because of the bird rule – finders keepers, losers weepers. Chris tries to help but after no success takes it to the Supreme Bird Court. The Court initially sides with Minnie but Big Bird helps them realize they too would feel sad and angry if they lost their nest.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: Q & 0
Word on the Street: Empty – When something doesn’t have anything in it.

4513: Waiting for the Present

Elmo gives Rosita a present and when he leaves he asks her to wait until he is back to open it. Leela, Alan, and Abby help her create strategies to control herself but will they be enough to keep Rosita from opening the present?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: G & 16
Word on the Street: Resist – To control and stop yourself from doing something that you really want to do.

4514: Oscar’s Trash Savings Plan

Oscar is trying to save bags of trash for a P.U.gelhorn so he and Fluffy can play a duet together. However, he just can’t seem to control his impulses when he wants to buy something else. Goozie Orman tries to help him develop a strategy – to pretend that what he wants is something he can’t stand, something nice or cute. Will this strategy be enough for Oscar?

Subject: Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: S & 8
Word on the Street: Awful- Very, very bad.

4515: Stinky’s First Day of Preschool

Stinky is the new plant at Elmo’s school but feels anxious when Chris has to leave. Chris, Elmo, and Elmo’s teacher Mrs. Sanchez all try to help Stinky feel less anxious. Will any of their strategies work?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: T & 19
Word on the Street: Anxious – When you feel worried or nervous that something may or may not happen.

4516: Oscar’s Clean Tuxedo

Oscar comes into the Laundromat to pick up his grimy tuxedo, but is upset to find that it has been cleaned. Elmo and Leela feel so bad that they try to recreate Oscar’s grimy tuxedo. Oscar tells them how he got the stains that were on the tuxedo. Hopefully Elmo and Leela can remember them all.

Subject: Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: X & 3
Word on the Street: Pattern – When things come in a certain order and repeat like apple, banana, apple, banana.

4517: Elmo the Grouch

Elmo is feeling a bit cranky and grumpy so he doesn’t want to ride the merry-go-round with Chris after work. Oscar thinks that Elmo is turning into a grouch so he put Elmo through two tests. Elmo passes and decides that he is a grouch, but Chris assures him that everyone feels cranky and that Elmo can change his feelings if he wants to.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: E & 13
Word on the Street: Grouchy – When you feel cranky or in a bad mood.

4518: Friendship Day

Elmo and Zoe are practicing a dance to perform for Friendship Day. Elmo can’t seem to do the last step and Zoe, in her frustration, says that Elmo is the worst. Elmo gets upset and Zoe doesn’t understand why. Leela and Chris explain that words can hurt, so Zoe apologizes and the two practice their dance again. This time Zoe is more encouraging.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: O & 10
Word on the Street: Friend – Someone that you care for and like to spend time with and who also cares for you.

4519: Chaos at Hooper’s Store

The old woman who lives in a shoe would like Alan and Telly to make lunch for her children. Alan and Telly try to count them all but the children won’t stop moving around. Telly comes up with the idea of using the game Freeze Dance to get the children to stay still, but will that be enough?

Subject: Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: H & 12
Word on the Street: Divide – To separate things or people into different groups or sections.

4520: It’s a Sign

A painter, Vincent Van Stop, is looking for a new assistant on Sesame Street to help him paint his famous signs and Bert would like the job, but first he will have to take Vincent Van Stop’s Painting Challenge! Bert is terrified because he gets nervous when taking tests. Will he be able to pass the challenge?

Subject: Literacy, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: R & 6
Word on the Street: Artist – A person who creates art, such as a painter, singer, dancer, etc.

4521: Papa Bear Goes to Preschool

Papa Bear is volunteering at Baby Bear’s school, but he has a lot to learn. Baby Bear explains to his father that preschool is different from home and that there are a different set of rules he has to follow.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: V & 17
Word on the Street: Greeting – A polite way to say ‘hello.’

4522: Jack B. Nimble Can’t Sit Down

Elmo and Jack B. Nimble are going to the movies for the first time. The usher explains that jumping isn’t allowed in the movie theater but Jack can’t stop jumping. Jack doesn’t want to leave so he has to come up with strategy that will help him control himself.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: J & 5
Word on the Street: Nimble – When your movements are quick and light.

4523: Upside-Down Nursery Rhyme

Mother Goose is visiting Sesame Street to have some of her creations performed. The only problem is that Little Miss Muffet and Little Jack Horner feel anxious and disappointed when they recite their rhymes. Mother Goose might have to create new rhymes for her performers.

Subject: Self-Regulation, Literacy
Brought to you by: C & 18
Word on the Street: Applause – Clapping your hands to show that you like something or to cheer someone on.

4524: Abby Schools in Cool

Telly and friends are trying to follow all of the latest trends on the site AreYouCool.Cool. The trends seem to change constantly that everyone just can’t keep up. Abby has the right idea and just does what she thinks is fun. Will everyone else follow her example?

Subject: Math, Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: B & 9
Word on the Street: Technology – A tool that helps you do things.

4525: Grover Does it All

Grover wants to have fun on Sesame Street. He can’t seem to choose one activity so he tries to do them all with disastrous results. Mando explains that maybe he should slow down, breath, and focus on one thing at a time. If Grover takes Mando’s advice he might be able to succeed.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: F & 1
Word on the Street: Focus – To play close attention to something.

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