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Sesame Street

Season 42

4257: Failure to Launch

Hubert the Human Cannonball is ready to be launched out of a cannon and into a bucket of blue gelatin. How far does he have to go? Five feet! Can he do it?

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: H and 5
Word on the Street: Engineer – To design and build something for a certain purpose or to solve a problem

4258: Rocco’s Boat

Zoe wants to help her pet, Rocco the rock , float so she, Elmo, and Leela design a boat. Now they just have to test whether it will sink or float.

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: J and 12
Word on the Street: Experiment – A test that you do to find an answer to your question

4259: The Bubblefest

It’s Bubblefest on Sesame Street! The Sesame Street gang is having fun blowing bubbles, making bubbles, and solving riddles. It’s bubble-tastic!

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: B and 4
Word on the Street: Liquid – Something that flows and takes the shape of any container

4260: Observe, Record, Annoy

Oscar is taking a class in Grouchology, in which the golden rule is to observe, record, and annoy! He conducts many investigations and earns his stinky diploma in Grouchology. Time for a loud, annoying paty.

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: H and 2
Word on the Street: Observe – To use your senses to find out more about something

4261: The Shape-O-Bots

Telly, Elmo, and Rosita are playing Shape-O-Bots, robots that transform into shapes to help people. Andy is a guy who needs different shapes to help him fulfill various tasks. Can the Shape-O-Bots help him?

Subject: Mathematics
Brought to you by: Q and 18
Word on the Street: Transform – To change something into something else

4262: The Latinization of Marco

Gina is reading Marco a book about the Spanish names for animals, and explaining to Rosita that since Marco was born in Guatemala, where people speak Spanish, she would like them to learn Spanish. Rosita explains that there is so much more to learn and dashes off to get her guitar!

Subject: Social Development
Brought to you by: I and 9
Word on the Street: Baile – A Spanish word for dance

4263: Humpty Dumpty’s Big Break

One of the King’s Horses can’t play his football game and Humpty Dumpty is dying to replace him, but Telly is worried that Humpty will break. Can Telly figure out a way to keep his friend safe?

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: A and 10
Word on the Street: Fragile – Breaks easily

4264: Goodbye Pacifier

Curly Bear needs to get rid of her binky but she really doesn’t want to. Gordon and Elmo try to encourage her by singing a song about saying goodbye to the binky.

Subject: Social Development
Brought to you by: T and 3
Word on the Street: Exchange – To trade something to get something else

4265: The Good Bird’s Club

Big Bird’s singing a happy song—he’s been invited to join the Good Bird’s Club! But the president of the club teases him about his bright yellow feathers and his gigantic feet, eyes, wings, and beak. Big Bird feels just terrible and asks Abby to cast a magic spell to change his appearance. But is this the right decision?

Subject: Social and Emotional Development
Brought to you by: Y and 9
Word on the Street: Include – To add something to be a part of something else

4266: Big Bad Wolf Huffs and Puffs Slimey

The Big Bad Wolf is chasing the Three Little Pigs and as he is huffing and puffing he ends up huffing and puffing Slimey through the air. No one saw and Slimey is too terrified to say anything. What’s a poor work to do?

Subject: Social Development
Brought to you by: W and 4
Empathy – To understand and care about the feelings of others

4267: Baby Bear’s Baby Doll

Baby Bear and Curly Bear are playing with dolls, but as Telly comes by with his bulldozer Baby Bear gets embarrassed and says that the doll is Curly’s. Gordon explains that there’s no reason to be embarrassed and that things don’t have to be just for boys and girls.

Subject: Emotional Development
Brought to you by: K and 2
Word on the Street: Embarrassed – A feeling you get when someone sees or finds out something about you that you didn’t want them to know and you think they might make fun of you

4268: Elmo and the Monarch Butterfly

When Elmo and Telly encounter a Monarch butterfly they worry he’ll be lonely without his friends, so Elmo pretends he’s a butterfly. But the butterfly isn’t fooled. Telly checks his book and learns about metamorphosis: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Then Elmo pretends to go through the four stages, so the butterfly will be his friend. It works!

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: F and 6
Word on the Street: Fascinating – Very, very interesting

4269: Siblings

Baby Bear’s a little aggravated with Curly Bear as they’re coloring—he doesn’t want to share the crayons. Sometimes it’s hard to share with a sibling, Chris and Christy explain. They should know—they’re twins.

Subject: Social Development
Brought to you by: O and 20
Word on the Street: Sibling – A brother or a sister

4270: Letter R Mystery

Detective Alfie Betts is on vacation at Sesame Street when Telly rushes in, all worked up. His robot and remote are missing. So are Leela’s rake and roses. When the detective’s raisin raspberry ravioli disappears, too, it’s time to investigate. Elmo and Abby volunteer to be detectives. Can they solve the case?

Subject: Literacy
Brought to you by: R and 19
Word on the Street: Compare – To figure it out if things are the same or different

4271: Cast Iron Cooks

As Alan finishes packing Elmo’s lunch, the lights go down and the music goes up. It’s Superchef, announcing that Alan is the next contestant on Cast Iron Cooks!

Subject: Cognitive Reasoning
Brought to you by: P and 16
Word on the Street: Ingredient – One of the things that make up a recipe

4272: Getting Centered

Telly is upset to have missed the yoga class Leela’s just finished teaching, so Rosita and Elmo offer to teach him what they learned. Yoga is a special kind of exercise from India, and the breathing and stretching feel great!

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: E and 8
Word on the Street: Balance – When something doesn’t tip or fall over because it has equal weight on both sides

4273: A Prince of a Frog

A princess can’t meet her prince without kissing a frog, but the frog keeps hopping away. Elmo and Abby try to help by learning more about frogs on Alan’s computer. Will the princess ever meet her prince?

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: M and 17
Word on the Street: Amphibian – Lives in water and on land and breathes through its thin moist skin

4274: Elmozilla

Chris is measuring Elmo and friends using a growth chart, but Elmo is not pleased. He has only grown a little bit since the last time, so he convinces Abby to say a spell that will make him taller. The spell turns Elmo into a giant and Abby can’t reverse the spell until Elmo wants to go back to normal size.

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: Z and 10
Word on the Street: Measure – To use tools to find out the size, length, or how much there is of something

4275: Super Maria

When there’s a lot for Gordon to fix at 123 Sesame Street, Susan and Chris suggest he hire a superintendent, but Gordon stubbornly insists he doesn’t need help. After several other things break Maria asks Gordon if he needs help and Gordon finally agrees.

Subject: Social Development
Brought to you by: V and 7
Word on the Street: Stubborn – When someone only wants to do what they want to do and it’s hard to change his or her mind

4276: The Flood

It’s bedtime, but Gordon and Susan hear water gushing—and see Ernie and Bert floating by on their beds out the window! Susan runs to tell Maria and Luis about the flood, and Gordon brings Bert and Ernie inside. How will they stop the flood?

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: X and 10
Word on the Street: Soggy – Very wet

4277: Falling Leaves

It’s a windy autumn day and Stinky is calling from under a pile of leaves. Chris, Elmo, and Rosita dig him out, then Rosita begins to problem-solve, trying to figure out which tree the leaves are from. Leela and Chris explain that the tree is deciduous (losing its leaves every fall and growing them back every spring).

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: N and 15
Word on the Street: Deciduous – When a tree loses its leaves once a year

4278: The All Our Senses Club

Telly, Elmo, and Rosita want to have fun and help out some people on Sesame Street. They create the All Our Senses Club and use their senses to help Leela, Baby Bear, Big Bird, and Little Bo Beep with their problems.

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: S and 11
Word on the Street: Senses – What we use to experience everything around us and there are five of them: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing

4279: What’s in Big Bird’s Nest

Big Bird is excited to sleep in the new pajamas Granny Bird gave him. When Gordon tucks him in, Big Bird complains that there is something bothering him in his nest. Gordon help Big Bird find all the things in his nest, but Big Bird is still uncomfortable. Will he ever get to sleep?

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: C and 1
Word on the Street: Prickly – When something has sharp points on it that can stick you

4280: Rhyming Block

Mother Goose is visiting Sesame Street! She has to write three new nursery rhymes by the end of the day, but fears she has become a rusty rhymer. Luckily, Elmo and Abby explain they are great rhymers, so they attempt to help her.

Subject: Literacy
Brought to you by: I and 13
Word on the Street: Conflict – When people argue or fight when they don’t agree about something

4281: Furry Potter

The new Furry Potter book is all the rage on Sesame Street! Gordon’s about to read it to Telly, but can’t find his glasses. He suggests Telly read the book himself, but Telly says it’s too long and goes off to get help. Hopefully Telly will find someone to read the book for him.

Subject: Cognitive Reasoning
Brought to you by: U and 14
Word on the Street: Magnify – To make something look bigger

4282: Elmo Wants to Have a Ball

Elmo’s got a dollar, and he wants a Stupendous Ball! It costs five dollars, so Luis explains that people usually work for money. Elmo searches for work so he can save enough money to buy his stupendous ball.

Subject: Mathematics
Brought to you by: D and 5
Word on the Street: Stupendous – When something is really, really great and amazing

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