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Sesame Street

Season 43

4301: Get Lost Mr. Chips

Cookie Monster wants to sample Alan’s cookies along with the Cookie Connoisseur’s Club, but only members are allowed to try the cookies. Can Cookie Monster control his urge to devour the cookies all at once and earn a place in this exclusive cookie club?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: P and 5
Word on the Street: Nibble – A really tiny bite of something

4302: The Good Sport

After losing multiple games of Hot Potato to Abby, Elmo becomes frustrated. Now the game is no fun. With training Elmo beats Abby every round and starts bragging about how good he is. This is no fun for Abby either. She’s through playing with Elmo. Leela steps in to help Elmo learn what it means to be a good winner, a good loser, and a good friend.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: R and 11
Word on the Street: Champion – The winner

4303: Hansel and Gretel’s Playdate

Hansel and Gretel are worried about how they’ll find their way back home after their playdate with Big Bird. They decide to use cookie crumb, paper, and fish trails but each of these plans fail. Big Bird finally convinces his friends that all they need is their memories to get back home.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: B and 17
Word on the Street: Remember – To keep things in your mind so you can think of them again

4304: Baby Bear Comes Clean

Baby Bear is getting ready to visit his Grandma and Papa Bear has instructed him to keep his shirt clean. Baby Bear ends up spilling ice cream all over his white shirt. His friends try to get it out but it keeps getting bigger. Gordon advises Baby Bear to just tell the truth about what happened.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: C and 18
Word on the Street: Careful – Pay close attention when doing something to avoid having an accident or making an error

4305: Me Am What Me Am

Cookie Monster gets caught eating veggies and is a declared a veggie monster on the television show, EXTRA Sesame Street. Soon everyone, including his friends, believes that he is indeed the Veggie Monster. When he finally gobbles up a batch of chocolate chip cookies no one can deny that he is indeed the Cookie Monster.

Subject: Health
Brought to you by: W and 2
Word on the Street: Patience – when you can wait for something in a calm way

4306: A Song for Letter “G”

The letter “G” hears Elmo and Rosita singing about the letter “J” and decides he wants a song as well, but he isn’t happy with songs that people come up with. Finally the group comes up with the perfect a song, an upbeat ditty that has real get up and go, just like the letter “G!”

Subject: Literacy
Brought to you by: G and 3
Word on the Street: Grimace – A face you make when you really don’t like something or are in pain

4307: Brandeis Wants a Job

After attempting—unsuccessfully—to fold laundry in the Laundromat and sweep the floor in Hooper’s store, Brandeis, the yellow Labrador Retriever, fears he’ll never be employable. Brandeis then becomes a service dog, thanks to Gina’s advice and begins to help a girl named Liliana.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: S and 9
Word on the Street: Career – A job that you train and prepare for a plan on doing for a long time

4308: Don’t Wake the Baby

Telly and Elmo declare themselves the Noise Patrol and vow to help keep things quiet so Leela’s niece can sleep. It’s hard work but Elmo and Telly are able to silence the racket around them by using their ears as tools.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: N and 6
Word on the Street: Tool – Something used to help do a specific task such as a magnifying glass, a shovel, or a flashlight

4309: Practice Makes Proud

Elmo can’t seem to make any baskets while playing basketball so Abby attempts to help by a casting a spell on him. Elmo is now able to make every shot but something doesn’t feel right to him. Leela explains that he isn’t satisfied because he didn’t work hard so Abby reverses the spell. With practice, Elmo is able to score all by himself and he is very proud.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: H and 15
Word on the Street: Proud – Feeling really good about something you or someone else did

4310: Afraid of the Bark

When Elmo notices that Zoe is acting strange around dogs Zoe insists that it is her pet Rocco who is actually afraid. Gina helps by teaching Elmo and Zoe what to do when meeting new dogs. Zoe tries out the technique on Barkley and it works!

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: I and 10
Word on the Street: Veterinarian – A doctor who takes care of animals and helps keep them healthy

4311: Telly the Tiebreaker

Elmo and Zoe want to sing two different songs so they decide to vote. However, the vote ends in a tie and Alan explains that they need another vote to break the tie and determine a winner. Both friends try to convince Telly to sing their song but which song will Telly choose?

Subject: Mathematics
Brought to you by: Y and 17
Word on the Street: Vote – To make a choice between two or more things

4312: Hat Contest

It’s “Who Can Wear the Most Hats Day” on Sesame Street and Elmo and Zoe are competing. Who will be the winner of this exciting competition?

Subject: Mathematics
Brought to you by: M and 0
Word on the Street: Persistent – To keep trying and not give up

4313: The Very End of X

Big Bird and Snuffy are geared up to host the “Letter of the Day Show” until they discover that the letter of the day is broken. The only clue they have are two straight pieces. Can they figure out the letter before the show is over?

Subject: Literacy
Brought to you by: X and 1
Word on the Street: Brainstorm – A sudden idea about something

4314:Sesame Street-O-Saurus

Grover, Elmo, and Rosita are imagining that they are Paleontologists and set out to find fossils that existed a long time ago. They find a lot of objects but no fossils. What are they to do now? Chris encourages them to build a dinosaur model with the objects that they found.

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Brought to you by: V and 12
Word on the Street: Paleontologist

4315: Abby Thinks Oscar is a Prince

Abby thinks that Oscar is a prince in disguise and that kissing him will break the spell. Oscar asks Chris to give him a disguise so that Abby won’t be able to recognize him. Chris tells Oscar that the best thing to do is to let Abby kiss him to prove that he is not a prince. What’s a Grouch to do?

Subject: Literacy
Brought to you by: E and 4
Word on the Street: Disguise – When you change the way something looks to make it hard to tell what it actually is

4318: Build a Better Basket

Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to her grandma’s house, but she’s worried the Big Bad Wolf will gobble up her basket of goodies along the way. Elmo, Alan, and Rosita decide to help Little Red Riding Hood reinforce her basket to make it as strong as possible.

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts
Brought to you by: L and 14
Word on the Street: Reinforce – To make something stronger

4319: Best House of the Year

The Three Little Pigs are building a house to win the “Best House of the Year Contest,” but the Big Bad Wolf keeps blowing their house down. Will Elmo and Leela be able to help the Three Little Pigs come up with a new and different idea to win the “”Best House of the Year”” contest?

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts
Brought to you by: O and 16
Word on the Street: Innovation – Something new or different

4320: Fairytale Science Fair

It’s the Fairytale Science Fair on Sesame Street and Baby Bear and Telly are reporting live! Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and the Prince, and the Three Little Pigs are all doing science projects at the fair.

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts
Brought to you by: Q and 9
Word on the Street: Reporter – Someone who writes or tells about things that are happening

4321: Lifting Snuffy

Zoe has choreographed a special dance for her Sesame Street friends called “”The Dance of the Six Swans” and puts everyone into pairs for the swan lift. Snuffy has dreamed of being lifted like a swan but is much too heavy for his partner Alan. Can his Sesame Street friends figure out a way to lift Snuffy and bring his dreams to life?

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts
Brought to you by: U and 8
Word on the Street: Choreographer – Someone who puts together a dance or makes up dance moves

4325: Porridge Art

Baby Bear’s favorite porridge brand “”Quaker Porridge”” is holding a Porridge Art Contest where contestants must create a likeness of the Quaker Duck Man made entirely out of porridge. The prize is lunch with the Quaker Duck Man! Baby Bear is excited to enter, and gathers his art supplies.

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts
Brought to you by: Z and 19
Word on the Street: Sculpture – A piece of art that is made by shaping or carving something, or by putting things together

4326: Great Vibrations

One day, Abby overhears Bob conducting a class of kids playing different musical instruments. She is amazed by the sound of the music, and wants to play an instrument too! Bob offers to teach her, but she doesn’t have anything to play. Just then, Salesman Grover shows up with a suitcase full of instruments! Abby decides on an instrument but what is Grover to play now?

Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts
Brought to you by: A and 20
Word on the Street: Vibrate – To move back and forth very fast

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