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Sesame Street

Season 44

4401: Telly Gets Jealous

Telly is upset that his pet hamster can’t do all of the tricks that Baby Bear’s parrot can do. Gordon gives Telly a few tips to help him control his anger, but will they be enough save Telly and Baby Bear’s friendship?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: C & 7
Word on the Street: Jealous – A strong feeling you have when you want something that someone else has.

4402: Don’t Get Pushy

Telly, Baby Bear, and Rosita are playing school, but Rosita gets so excited when volunteering that she keeps pushing Baby Bear. Baby Bear gets angry with Rosita so she asks Gordon for help. Will his advice keep Rosita calm in the classroom?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: T & 12
Word on the Street: Respect – Treating people in a way that makes them feel cared for and important.

4403: The Flower Show

Stinky the plant really wants to grow a flower for the Sesame Street Flower Show but it’s not working. Stinky begins to get frustrated and discouraged, but Leela encourages him to remain calm and that he is unique and special.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: D & 0
Word on the Street: Fragrance – A pleasant smell.

4404: Latino Festival

Sesame Street is having a Latino Festival, but a frog, or coquí, has gotten loose. While Telly and Rosita search for the missing coquí they visit different booths and learn about all different places in Latin America.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: V & 9
Word on the Street: Sturdy – When something is strong and won’t fall apart.

4405: Simon Says

Telly is getting ready to compete in the Simon Says competition on Sesame Street, but he’s worried he won’t be good enough. The real Simon gives Telly some advice: Listen carefully, and think.

Subject: Self-Regualtion
Brought to you by: Z & 15
Word on the Street: Relax – To calm down or take a rest from being active.

4406: Help-O-Bots

Elmo, Telly, and Rosita decide to become robots to help Chris at Hooper’s store. At first, it seems like a good idea, but then they start making more of a mess for Chris. Will the Help-O-Bots be able to help themselves from creating messes left and right?

Subject: Cognitive Reasoning
Brought to you by: R & 17
Word on the Street: Robot – A machine that can do things by itself that are similar to what people can do.

4407: Still Life with Cookie

Cookie Monster decides to paint a picture of a cookie, but it looks so good that he decides to eat it. Every time he paints a new on the same thing happens. Can Cookie Monster control his urges so people can appreciate his art?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: N & 8
Word on the Street: Texture – The way something looks or feels.

4408: Mi Amiguita Rosita

Rosita gets disappointed when reading a story about a girl from Mexico and wishes there was a better story about being Mexican. Mando encourages her to write her own story about what being Mexicans means to her.

Subject: Self-Regulation; Literacy
Brought to you by: P & 2
Subject: Author – Someone who is a writer of things such as stories or books.

4409: Leela’s Cell Phone Addiction

Leela has promised to read Abby and Zoe a story, but she won’t stop texting. The girls become frustrated with Leela and hide her cellphone. Chris explains to them that even if they’re frustrated, it’s not ok to hide someone’s cellphone. Will the girls be able to make it up to Leela?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: U & 13
Word on the Street: Furious – Really, really mad.

4410: Firefly Show

Telly and Baby Bear set out to catch fireflies but they can’t find any. When they finally are able to catch one they realize that it looks sad. How will they cheer up their friend?

Subject: Cognitive Reasoning
Brought to you by: F & 16
Word on the Street: Insect – A small bug that has 6 legs, 2 antennae and usually two pairs of wings such as flies, crickets, mosquitoes, beetles, butterflies, and bees.

4411: Count Tribute

The Count has won the Noble Price for Counting but he’s running late to the ceremony to receive his prize. Everyone on Sesame Street helps in trying to stall the ceremony. Will The Count arrive in time to receive his prize?

Subject: Mathematics
Brought to you by: S & 18
Word on the Street: Imposter – Someone who pretends to be someone else

4412: Gotcha

Sesame Street is on an episode of “Gotcha!” The TV show that uses hidden cameras to catch people using really bad manners, but the host, Johnny Gotcha, is having a hard time trying to find someone using bad manners. Will he be successful?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: E & 12
Word on the Street: Courteous – Being polite and having good manners.

4413: Big Bird’s Nest Sale

Big Bird accidentally knocks Radar into his nest while have a nest sale. The Count buys him and gives him to another monster on Sesame Street. Big Bird and Snuffleupagus set out to find Radar. Will they be successful?

Subject: Cognitive Reasoning
Brought to you by: Q & 19
Word on the Street: Curly – Something that is twisting and wavy, such as hair or ribbon.

4414: The Wild Brunch

Snuffy is helping serve customers with Alan at Hooper’s Store and the first customers are a zookeeper and three animals. Snuffy can’t write and is having a hard time remembering their orders. Will he be able to remember their orders before the customers get too hungry?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: X & 6
Word on the Street: Strategy – A plan to help you solve a problem

4415: Rosita’s Abuela

Rosita’s abuela is moving to Sesame Street but Rosita embarrassed that she only knows how to speak Spanish. Maria explains to Rosita that she used to be embarrassed too but now she feels proud to speak Spanish.

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: M & 4
Word on the Street: Translate – To change from one language into another language.

4416: Baby Bear’s New Sitter

When Grandma Bear calls in sick, Gabi is enlisted to be Baby Bear and Curly Bear’s new babysitter. Baby Bear insists that Gabi follow Grandma Bear’s babysitting protocol. Will Gabi be able to fill in for Grandma Bear?

Subject: Emotional Development
Brought to you by: O & 20
Word on the Street: Fabulous – When something is wonderful, great, fantastic, terrific.

4417: Grandparents Celebration

Hooper’s Store is having a Grandparents Celebration and Elmo is excited to see his grandparents. But he finds out that they’re stuck at the airport and will miss the party. Chris and Alan try to cheer up Elmo, but it doesn’t seem to work. Will he be able to enjoy himself at the party?

Subject: Social and Emotional Development
Brought to you by: B & 2
Word on the Street: Disappointed – A sad feeling you get when something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to.

4418: The Princess Story

Abby, and Zoe are making up a princess story but Rosita isn’t sure how. Leela explains that everyone can make up a story and encourages Rosita to use her imagination. Will Rosita be able to create a great story?

Subject: Literacy and Cognitive Reasoning
Brought to you by: A & 11
Word on the Street: Adventure – An exciting thing to do.

4419: Judy and the Beast

Judy from “Judy and the Beast” is on Sesame Street looking for a new fairy godmother. Abby is happy to help and assists Judy in looking for a unique beast with whom she can share her adventures. Will she ever find her beastly companion?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: H & 5
Word on the Street: Unique – One of a kind.

4420: Three Cheers for Us

Elmo, Telly, and Zoe decide they want to go around Sesame Street and find people to cheer for. They find Alan, Gordon, Maria, and a chicken but get discouraged upon finding out they don’t need cheerleaders. Who will the Sesame Street Cheerleaders cheer for now?

Subject: Emotional Development
Brought to you by: I & 3
Word on the Street: Cheer – Words of encouragement or congratulations.

4421: The Pogo Games

Telly is competing in the Pogo Games but he’s worried he isn’t good enough. He is ready to quit but Baby Bear and Gina encourage him to believe in himself. Can Telly win the Pogo Games?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: O & 20
Word on the Street: Confidence – To believe in yourself.

4422: Jack’s Big Jump

Jack Be Nimble is preparing to jump over eight candlesticks but when he leaps he knocks over the candles and falls. Baby and Telly try to help him out by bringing him a kangaroo and the cow that jumped over the moon. Will these animals help Jack get his jump back?

Subject: Emotional Development & Mathematics
Brought to you by: J & 8
Word on the Street: Stumble – To trip and almost fall.

4423: Baby Bear Hates Wee Tee Ball

Baby Bear is getting ready to play wee t-ball with his Papa Bear for the first time, but he would rather draw. Chris encourages Baby Bear to tell his father how he feels. Will Baby Bear have the courage to tell his father he doesn’t want to play t-ball?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: G & 1
Word on the Street: Athlete – A person who is trained or really good at sports or exercise.

4424: The Wedding Planner

Rocco, Zoe’s pet rock, is getting married and Zoe is planning the wedding. But the guests haven’t arrived and Rocco’s tuxedo is missing. Can Elmo step in and save the day?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: Y & 14
Word on the Street: Plan – A list of things to do.

4425: Lights, Camera, Bert

Elmo and Ernie are making a movie and they’re enlisting Bert as their star. Bert has to play a cowboy, a pirate, and an astronaut. Will Bert be able to use his imagination to play the characters in the movie?

Subject: Self-Regulation
Brought to you by: K & 10
Word on the Street: Imagination – When you make believe something is anything you want it to be and that may be something you’ve never thought of before.

4426: Every Plant That Ever Was

Stinky the Stinkweed is upset because he’s not in Dr. Lily Rosenbloom’s book the “Great Big Book of Every Plant that Ever Was.” The only way to find out if he is a real plant is for Dr. Rosenbloom to visit Sesame Street and run some tests. Will Stinky pass the test and be considered a plant?

Subject: Science
Brought to you by: L & 20
Word on the Street: Absorb – To take in or soak up.

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