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Sesame Street

Meet the Characters


Elmo is a 3 ½-year-old red monster with a high-pitched voice and a contagious giggle. Enthusiastic, friendly, and cheerful, he always wants to be part of everything that goes on. However, like most preschoolers, he sometimes doesn’t have the skills or knowledge to do what he wants. He doesn’t let that stop him, though, because he has a very positive, optimistic outlook on life.

Cookie MonsterCookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a frenzied but cuddly character who loves to eat lots of different foods – especially cookies! Preschoolers can identify with Cookie Monster, especially with his efforts to master words and phrases, and learn basic problem-solving skills as he continues his eternal quest for food.

Abby CadabbyAbby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby is a curious 3-year-old fairy-in-training who has moved to Sesame Street from Fairyside, Queens. The daughter of a fairy godmother, she is learning magic but is not quite an expert yet. Her spells seem to go awry and many times turns things into pumpkins with her training wand. She has come from a storybook world and is well-versed in fairytales, as they are a part of her family history. Abby loves to practice magic and rhyming. She loves to ask questions and the discoveries she makes on Sesame Street amaze her – now she can draw letters and count numbers!


Oscar, Sesame Street’s resident Grouch, hates all things nice and sweet. He loves collecting junk, standing in line, arguing, rainy days, and anchovy milkshakes. Oscar does NOT like children playing in front of his garbage can.


Grover, Sesame Street’s talkative blue monster, accomplishes his tasks with the childlike exuberance that makes young viewers laugh and sometimes cringe! He is excitable, caring, and compulsive; a combination that becomes a problem when he rushes into situations without thinking about the consequences. Children connect with Grover when he is confused by adult logic, and share his fantasy of competence and control when he becomes “Super Grover,” a problem-solving superhero.

Big BirdBig Bird

Big Bird is an 8 foot 2-inch yellow bird who represents the typical 6-year-old child. Children understand and identify with Big Bird’s excitement over new things as well as his disappointment when things don’t work out or when he makes mistakes. They also see his willingness to try again, to correct his mistakes, and find solutions to problems through his persistence.


Zoe is a sparkly little girl Muppet who sports barrettes in her hair and has a wild imagination. The bright orange 3-year-old monster is both dainty and strong, and she’s bursting with energy. She loves dancing and ballet, and is usually seen sporting a pretty pink tutu. Her interest in ballet led to her hosting the video Zoe’s Dance Moves. Zoe is a great role model for girls – she’s strong, personable, and she’s not afraid to jump into the action and get her tutu dirty!


Telly is an intense, earnest monster who worries about disasters that could never happen. He shows compassion and empathy to everything and everyone. He is Baby Bear’s best friend, and the two boys are very protective of each other. Through their relationship, young viewers gain an understanding that friendships have ups and downs and can sometimes take a lot of work.


Bert is Ernie’s long-suffering sidekick. He is mature, analytical, and reasonable. Though seemingly older and wiser, Bert can be rather eccentric. He collects bottle caps and paper clips, plays the tuba, and loves his pet pigeon, Bernice. Bert is not always a willing participant in Ernie’s escapades; he correctly senses that the tables are destined to be turned on him, or that he will end up on the short end of the stick. In the end, however, Bert always forgives Ernie, forever remaining his “old buddy.”


Ernie, the outgoing foil to the more serious and responsible Bert, is great at explaining things but can sometimes be a bit too smart for his own good. Ernie talks himself into some tight corners and often falls prey to his own jokes, yet his free-spirited approach to his successes and failures makes him one of Sesame Street’s most enduring and likeable characters.


Rosita is an exuberant, playful girl whose full name, Rosita la Monstrua de las Cuevas, means “The Monster of the Caves.” She hails from Mexico, and speaks both Spanish and English, often mixing words from both languages when she speaks. Rosita uses her hands when she communicates with others, conveying her warmth with lots of touching and hugging. She introduces the “Spanish Moment of the Day” on the show, teaching children new words and phrases in the Spanish language.


Sesame Street’s furry orange reality TV personality is energetic, outgoing, quick-witted, and full of questions! He loves discovering facts about the real world, and this curiosity prompts him to talk to everybody he meets. Murray loves to make new friends wherever he goes, and he is fascinated with every person he meets, be they big or small, young or old, smooth or fuzzy. Whether he’s discovering the latest Word on the Street, following his little lamb, Ovejita, to different schools, or just chatting with a kid on Sesame Street, Murray is all about understanding what a child’s life is like today.


Alan manages Hooper’s Store, which was recently redesigned to reflect a more authentic urban store. Alan is not only an important part of that change, but his warm and open character has helped make Hooper’s Store the heart of the Sesame Street community.


As the first Indian-American character on the show, Leela brings her vibrant culture and heritage to Sesame Street.


Chris is Gordon’s and Susan’s nephew. He works in Hooper’s Store with Alan.


In 1974, a teenager named Maria moved to Sesame Street, into an apartment above Gordon and Susan’s. She flashed her infectious smile, got a job at the lending library, and immediately became part of the family.
Viewers have watched Maria grow up. She was a first crush, a best friend, and a babysitter, telling stories and making everyone laugh. She dated and then married Luis, and they later had a daughter, Gabi, who is now grown up.


Luis came to Sesame Street in 1971, and was the first human to join the original cast. He is a dreamer who follows his heart, and is also an aspiring writer. He sings, plays the guitar, and teaches people about Hispanic culture and language. A great handyman, Luis runs the Fix-It Shop, specializing in toaster repair.


Gordon is a fixture on Sesame Street, having been there from the very beginning. A strong male role model, he is married to Susan and father of Miles. Susan and Gordon have been happily married for many years. Gordon is a caring and competent man, who is sometimes firm but is also soft and gentle. Gordon loves sports and music, and he gives good advice; he’s the guy to talk to if something is bothering you.


Gina moved to Sesame Street in 1987, when she was hired to assist David, who was then running Hooper’s Store. She was a teenager at the time, and enjoyed rock music – especially the group Little Jerry and the Monotones. She was like a big sister to many of the Muppets from Sesame Street. In the 1990s, Gina ran a daycare center and babysat Elmo and Zoe. She went on to college and veterinary school, opening a Sesame Street animal clinic in 2001. In Season 37, Gina visited Guatemala, where she adopted a baby boy named Marco.

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