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Science Kids on the Loose

Science Kids on the Loose

Sid-Inspired Bustle and Merriment

As the kids count down the days until Christmas with a growing sense of uncontrollable glee, I am conducting my own personal countdown. A countdown to the holiday school break. And I am not entirely gleeful. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about the impending festivities…I just wish sometimes that I had more hours kid-free in the day to get ready. I am not a parent who can do a zillion projects while my children are underfoot. (If you are one of those parents…I want to be your best friend and apprentice.) I need to make a plan that will keep us all busy and happy.
Sid the Science Kid Activities
There are lots of fun and quick activities on the website that are meaningful with or without having viewed the corresponding Sid episode.

  • Texture Hunt (Senses Cycle): This is a cute activity that has kids search around the house for different textures on furniture, clothes, floors, etc and report back with findings. I am going to add a “holiday” element and have the boys describe the textures of some decorations like the pine tree, garland, tree skirt, stockings, Christmas cards, etc.
  • Frozen Fruit (Transformation and Change Cycle): Who isn’t trying to build in some healthy eating choices into the menus this time of year? This activity teaches children about reversible change as children freeze fruit in water, think about ways to melt the water to get at the fruit, and then eat it up! I think that it would be fun to freeze the fruit outside overnight if you live in a cold part of the country. I also like that the results will also take care of snack time!
  • The Big Box Investigation (Simple Machines Cycle): Most of you know by now that I moved cross-country earlier this year. I still have lot of boxes stacked up in my garage. We also know the holidays brings boxes in the mail for many of us. Well, here’s a way to use them creatively! In this activity, one child sits in a box while another child (or group…play date anyone?) finds a way to move the box across the floor. I see this one as a great way to expend a lot of pent up energy while learning about something very useful!

Sid the Science Kid Website
Check out the games and activities at I may be able to sneak in some wrapping or Christmas card addressing while Henry and Leo play a game or color. Go explore and see what excites you and your kids.

  • Shadow Show: This game combines shape recognition with matching while reminding children about shadows. Henry and Leo will love the part when they click the light to check the shapes.
  • Kitchen Magician: Sid asks kids to match a food (such as scrambled eggs) to food source (eggs) and reinforces the concept of irreversible change. It is really cute. My boys are going to LOVE the jokes that Sid tells between rounds. We will be hearing them at the dinner table for months and months to come.
  • Sid Says: This version of Simon Says gets kids thinking about and identifying muscles. The best part is that the game asks the player to get up and move their muscles. Great for working off some energy!
  • Printables: Henry and Leo love to color. The Print tab will take you to some cute pages that you can reproduce and have at the ready. I know that sometimes I just need a few moments of quiet to get through a hectic moment. I pick up a crayon and color my own page. It is so relaxing.
  • Video: Don’t forget to check out the video clips. We love the songs and the kids ask to hear them over and over again. If you ever wanted to see a specific investigation that I mention on the blog you can find most of them here. Sometimes, less is more and I can reward good behavior with a snippet or two of Sid the Science Kid.

More Festive Fun
I have a few holiday go-to activities to share. Many ideas have come from other mom friends, preschool teachers, and cyberspace browsing. It’s great to have something up my sleeve for a slow afternoon with antsy boys.

  • Paper Snowflakes: I tried this with the boys for the first time this year. They love playing with the safety scissors but the mess made me feel like an elf working overtime. That is okay because the boys had a blast. I did most of the cutting while the boys did the decorating. My boys like glitter. Who doesn’t?
  • Wrapping Blocks: Kids are fascinated and attracted to tape and wrapping paper. So I let them wrap wooden blocks. This year I am saving all of the wrapping paper scraps in a box for the boys and letting them do their own “wrapping.” I bought a bunch of tape at the dollar store just for them. I first saw this at Henry’s preschool. Genius. And perhaps now I have something I can use for a centerpiece!

I hope that some of these ideas will help create merriment in your house and bring order to the mayhem!
Do you have any great activities you’d like to share? Post them below so we can all try them out!
PS: I won’t be posting next week. Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2011!

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