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Science Kids on the Loose


Current Season

201: No School Singalong Special

Sid wonders what he could possibly do on his day off from school. But when all his friends come over for a play date, they quickly put their science minds together and decide to put on a show in the backyard! They each take turns rocking out as they sing their favorite science songs for a very appreciative audience of Mom, Dad, and Zeke!

202: Slide to the Side

Sid is trying out his new dance called, “The Sid Slide To The Side!” On his room’s hard wood floor, he boogies to the left, jumps to the right, then tries to slide to the side. But in his new sneakers, he can’t slide…he just squeaks to a stop! This leads Sid and his friends to observe and investigate how different materials and surfaces can create friction, causing something to slow down.

Topic: Friction

203: That’s the Way the Ball Bounces

Sid created a new sport called Play-Doh Ball! You just jump in the air, spin around, then bounce the ball. When Sid attempts to play his new game, he bounces the Play-Doh Ball, and it promptly splats on the ground! At school, Sid and his friends investigate and discover that if a ball doesn’t have enough elasticity, it won’t bounce!

Topic: Elasticity

204: Ignatz’s Inertia

Sid is sending his toy panda Ignatz on yet another adventure! He places him on top of a skateboard, then rolls him across his patio. The skateboard comes to an abrupt stop when it bumps into a wooden bench, but Ignatz keeps moving forward, flying into the air! Sid is curious why Ignatz didn’t stop moving too, so he and his friends investigate and discover that things in motion stay in motion until they are stopped-and that’s inertia!

Topic: Inertia

205: Sid’s Super Kick

In his backyard, Sid is pretending to be “Super Sid!” To show us his super strength, he kicks a soccer ball really hard and it sails across the yard. But when he tries to kick it to a nearby tree with the same might, the ball once again sails across the yard. On a special trip to the Science Center, Sid and his friends investigate how using lots of force can make something move really far and really fast – just like kicking a soccer ball really hard!

Topic: Force

206: Where Did the Water Go

While brushing his teeth, Sid wonders what happens to all the dirty water when it goes down the drain. At the Science Center, Sid and his friends explore how water travels in and out of our homes in pipes. And here’s something Sid and his friends never realized—there’s lots of water in the world, but most of it isn’t for drinking. We can only use fresh water, and it has to be cleaned—that’s why it’s important not to waste it!

Topic: Water

207: Clean Air!

Sid the roving reporter is investigating something strange in his backyard — his Dad is wearing a mask while painting varnish on the picnic table. Sid discovers that his Dad is protecting his face so he doesn’t breathe in the dirty fumes. At school, Sid and his friends discover that all people and animals on Earth need to breathe clean air. And when we pollute the air around us, it affects the air that everyone breathes — all over the world. The kids also discover the importance of trees — they help clean our air!

Topic: Air

208: Reused Robot

Sid’s toy robot is broken, so he throws it into the trash. When his Mom tells him he’s creating waste, Sid assures her that when you throw something into the trash, it just disappears. When Sid discovers that things don’t disappear just because they’re in the trash, he is shocked. This leads Sid and his friends to explore trash, and the idea that everything we throw away goes somewhere. This leads into an investigation about recycling, and reusing things — which makes much less trash!

Topic: Recycling

209: Save the Stump

Sid is super excited because his Dad is clearing out space in the yard for a basketball court! While Sid and Dad are surveying the land, Sid notices a big stump teeming with little creatures! Sid is confused. Why would a bunch of animals be living on an old, yucky stump? Sid is determined to investigate more and during a special field trip to the Science Center, Sid and his friends discover that there are animal habitats all around us — even in old stumps. And when we destroy one habitat, we affect many other habitats and animals — we’re all connected — even humans!

Topic: Habitats

210: Let There Be Light

Sid and his brother Zeke are playing a game where they try to grab the light coming out of a flashlight. The only problem is that it is impossible! At school, Sid and his friends explore the science of light and discover that light comes from various energy sources. They also discover that there are some light sources that can’t be turned off, like the biggest light source of all — the sun!

Topic: Light

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