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Camp PBS Parents

10 Easy Summer Volunteer Ideas for Families

Sunny summer days are just destined for random acts of kindness. Make room between camps, vacations and reunions to serve up some service this season. Check out these 10 fun ways to give back with your kids:


1. Write cards for kids who are in the hospital.
We can only imagine how challenging it is for sick children to spend their summer days in a hospital room. Bring a smile to young patients by encouraging your kids to create custom cards for them. Everyone loves a pen pal, and letters are a great start to cherished friendships.

2. Run a lemonade stand and donate proceeds to a local charity.
Spruce up a traditional summer lemonade stand this sizzling season by selecting a local charity with your child to whom you can donate the proceeds. Ideas include a local veterans organization or children’s shelter. Advertise the charity with a sign on your stand while quenching the neighborhood’s thirst to encourage additional donations.

3. Run (or walk) a charity 5K.
Tie up those laces and put one foot in front of the other for a cause that is dear to you and your loved ones this summer. Make a 5K a family gathering at which you can support and contribute to research and further advancements for the foundation.

4. Gather friends to sing songs for nursing home residents.
Who says caroling is out of season? Summer is the perfect time to explore your musical talents. Persuade your kids and their friends to practice their musicality and perform for local nursing homes—see if the next Four Seasons or Supremes are in our midst.

5. Dedicate allowance to a charity of your kid’s choice.
Instill the importance of giving back as your kids earn those allowances by working overtime on their chores this summer. Motivate them to donate a portion of their wages to a local cause or nonprofit; and be the example by donating to the cause as well.

6. Clean up your neighborhood park or nearby green space.

Show your kids the need to be green by getting outside this summer and promoting a neighborhood clean-up group to keep the community safe and clean for everyone. Host your own picnic afterward to commemorate your good deed and spend time with the family.

7. Have kids offer tutoring or lessons in subjects and sports they care about.
Don’t let your kids stray too far from academics this summer season. Keep minds sharp and make summer learning a priority by convincing your kids to give back by tutoring other students in subjects or sports they excel in.

8. Plant a tree.
In addition to using paper wisely to save trees, take an extra step and plant them. Create a science lesson plan as you spend time with your kids and promote eco-friendly habits by nurturing nature together during the summer.

9. Volunteer at the local library or host your own book drive.
Screen-free time is hard to come by during the summer when noses are glued to phones, games and tablets. The answer? Books! Encourage your kids and their friends to collect their favorite (gently used) bedtime stories and pass them along to children at shelters, libraries or schools; or see if your local animal hospital has a kitty reading program.

10. Write cards for troops overseas.
With Independence Day and Labor Day holidays in the summer season, show your pride and appreciation for our country’s troops by saying “thank you” with a card and care package. With the free time your kids find themselves, teach them the importance of supporting our troops and create a new summer afternoon tradition of making cards and getting involved.



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