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Super Sisters

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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

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Ethan, The Boy, or just crazy

Posted by Kristen on August 12, 2008 at 7:19 AM in Kristen
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This is Ethan. We affectionately refer to him as "The Boy" on the Internet. You see that blond hair of his? Let's just say if I wasn't so old, I think people would assume I'm the nanny when we are out in public. There have been days when people have struggled to find some semblance of me in this child. Days when I was low and people who loved me thought that I wanted to hear that not only WAS he mine, he also looked a little like me. "I can see it in his forehead," a person offered. His forehead? His forehead. What's next? The ears?

But when you are with the two of us together, it doesn't take you long to realize that this child is ALL ME. This picture, for instance. It was just another of thousands of pictures I have taken with my children modeling my clothing line.

E: Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.
K: Yes?
E: But I don't WANT to have my picture taken in your shirt AGAIN?
K: Paaahhhhllllease????
E: Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom. I can't.
K: What if I let you try on THIS one too? (holding up the shirt in a cute pink version)
E: MOM!!! That is my FAVorite color.
K: I thought your favorite color today was orange.
E: MOM!!!! Pink is my favorite color NOW. Orange is my next favorite color.
K: I know. You wanna wear it for my picture?
E: Sure.

With that, the blue shirt went over his head. He began to do elaborate model moves involving swinging arms and kicking legs. Everything was a blur. I tried to put on my best stern voice and demand proper model behavior. From a 3 year old. I got it. Complete with the tongue out. Based on my picture, what can I say to that?


Jean writes...

My daughter looks exactly like my husband, at least that is what everyone tells her... and she cringes everytime. No girl wants to be told she looks like her father! When she was little I tried to make her feel better by showing her a picture of her aunt Maura, who looks like a female version of my husband and is quite beautiful. That made her feel a little better, but not much. So, Kristen, you may wish you saw some of you in Ethan, but when he gets a little older my guess is that he won't want people telling him he looks like you! But he will likely hope he has your personality :)

Holly writes...

I think you and Ethan have the same cheekbones! Is that better than forehead?

Lindsey Samahon writes...

Don't know about the forehead or the cheekbones... but love the blogging t-shirt!

Kevin writes...

I'm with Lindsey -- that shirt is a keeper!

Does he get comments about it when you're at Starbucks?

Amy writes...

Hehehe! Kevin, I can just picture user comments on the back of the shirt. Add a screen and you can have a live Twitter feed.

Angela writes...

My daughter is a redhead. I'm not. Unlike you, though, I was actually asked once if I was her nanny.

Jeannine writes...

And my daughter is a quarter Japanese and as a baby looked a lot like my husband. When she was a baby someone actually asked me where I got her from. That totally broke my heart that someone would ask that as the first thing.

Sandie writes...

I'm another mama with a child who's my husband's mini-me. Thankfully my other two kids look enough like the baby to keep away the nanny comments. Oh, and on the other side of the coin, I used to babysit a baby as platinum-blonde as Ethan, and I was asked if I was the mom, because I wasn't gossiping with the other nannies or talking on my cell!

Jane writes...

What darling children you and your sisters have. I also like the t shirts, where can I get one?

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