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I'd write about Preschool, but it doesn't start for two more weeks

Posted by Kristen on August 27, 2008 at 7:05 AM
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Everyone is excited about school starting. My friend Angie is so excited about school starting that she isn't sure she can make it until next week. She loves her four boys but I think summer may have been a little too long for everyone involved.

Me? I realize that summer lasts forever. This year both The Boy AND The Baby will be going to preschool. One of my new friends was kinda shocked that The Baby was going to preschool.

Devan: He's 18 months?
Kristen: Is that a question? Yes, he is 18-months-old. And he is going to preschool. I found the only preschool within 50 miles that will take an 18-month-old.
Devan: He's so little.
Kristen: Eh. His brother went to preschool for the first time when he was 18-months-old. He'll be fine. It's like paying for playdates except you don't have to reciprocate and you don't have to watch either your child or anyone else's child. You don't have to pretend to like anyone. You don't have to keep your kid from biting someone in the jugular. That's Miss JoAnne's job. It's win-win, across the board.

But preschool doesn't start for another 2 weeks. That's because you pay by the month. If it started next week, you would get 4 actual weeks of school for the price of 4 weeks. Instead we'll be easing the kids in, just an hour here, an hour there, until they feel comfortable. Safe. Secure. The problem with that is by the end of summer, isn't mom so near losing her mind that perhaps the safest and securest place for Junior to be is in the loving hands of a teacher? I'm just saying.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am the only one who has these fantasies of being a stay-at-home mom with kids in full-time daycare. How horrible is that? I know. I KNOW. I just think that maybe those countries with the year-round school aren't so far off. Or maybe that's just me...


devan writes...

Oh, it is soooooo not just you! Any SAHM who says they've never once thought about that is lying! I am thrilled that my baby can finally go this year at two years old. Those four hours, two days a week, when both girls are at school save my sanity. Serious business. So, yeah, 18 months might seem kinda little, but if he can handle it--why shouldn't you put him in? Saving your sanity is totally worth it! :)

Christa writes...

After two years of co-op preschool, in which I realized that I love my own children, but other people's kids, not so much...we are doing drop-off four afternoons a week. So I have one in first grade and one in preschool...that is 12 hours per week of my own...well, more like 10.5 if you count drop off and pick-up, but who's counting?...I'm counting, the days until it starts!

jen lemen writes...

not just you, sister. it was all i could do to not run down the street screaming for joy when i dropped my kids off on tuesday. SO ready for school to start it wasn't even funny.

Kelly writes...

My daughter is 2 and she starts preschool on Monday. I'm so excited for the structure. Hers goes year round, but instead of actual school during summer they do educational crafts and swimming lessons.

Kelly writes...

My daughter is 2 and she starts preschool on Monday. I'm so excited for the structure. Hers goes year round, but instead of actual school during summer they do educational crafts and swimming lessons.

tracey writes...

i would kill to have year round school! KILL. ; )

Sarah writes...

My preschool is the SAME WAY with the easing in and the slow start and the let's make sure everyone is comfortable stuff. And you are not alone in wanting to be a fulltime SAHM will fulltime childcare. A girl can dream!

Marion writes...

It is as devan writes "soooo not just you!" I sent my "baby" to preschool at 18 months to Three Chopt Pres in Richmond and she looooved every minute. It was an opportunity for to get some work done, I was never strictly working at home, while she was having fun with play-doh. I am the kind of mom who likes play-doh in theory and couldn't tolerate it for some reason in my house. So if ever you are thinking you're a mean mom remember the mom who doesn't like play-doh or balloons or kids will probably need therapy and that is okay with me. Thanks for being so honest, you're an inspiration!

Missy writes...

I completely agree!!

Brenda writes...

Oh man, if there were a preschool within a 100 mile radius that would take my three year old AND my 18 month old, I would be there in a heartbeat! Just a few hours to catch up during the week would be AMAZING!

KeegsMom writes...

Ms. Kristen, I followed you from Work It Mom, and just love your writing and your HONESTY and your HUMOR. (Next I'll check out your clothing line!)

When our son was about 15 mos, we desperately needed childcare and tried a "shared nanny" arrangement with a little girl, same age. All was well until our son came home with a big bite mark on his arm. Ok, it happens. But then he got another one, and then another. We were out of there. Finally found a place to take him three days a week, and it was the BEST! He was very very social (still is, at age 11 - very extroverted) and he had a ball. I think being around other kids is hugely important to little ones.

Like everyone else here, I wanted to jump for joy when he went back to school this week... he's an only child, i work at home, and there aren't a lot of kids around us. It was a long summer, even with camps, etc.

Hmmm. Year-round school. What a concept.

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