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Super Sisters

About the Supersisters

Jen, Kristen, and Patience

Three real-life sisters sharing their kids' antics, milestones and adventures through this crazy journey called motherhood. Find out more »

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Reclaiming Your Inner Supersister

Posted by Patience on August 29, 2008 at 12:07 AM in Patience
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reclaiming chai latte.jpg
reclaiming a chai latte and strawberry coffee cake

Summer is over. Did you read that, summer is OVER! When something is over, it's the perfect time for a new beginning. How about kissing the summer mother goodbye and saying hello to the woman of fall. Whether you are shipping kids off to school next week or are a home educator, it's always a good idea for every woman to take stock of little bits lost and invite some new parts in.

Here are a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction and frame of mind:

1. Take a very long bath. Drop those kids off at school in your pajamas (Jen has actually done this) and come back home for a good long soak. Light candles in the middle of the day and stay submerged until your toes look like raisins. Good ideas swirl and start while staring at bubbles. If you still have little ones around, make a trade with a friend or invite them in. A bad bath is still better than laundry and dishes.
Working moms can make an attempt at retreat during dinner. Everyone's faces are busy making it the perfect time to sneak away.

2. Catch a Matinee. Pick a movie that isn't G-rated and go to the noon showing. I promise you sitting in the dark by yourself with a box of raisinets is a good idea. This short get-a-way will feel luxurious and still give you time to make it to the carpool line by 2:30pm.

3. Buy yourself flowers and ridiculously expensive chocolate or coffee/tea. Find the freshest of your favorite flower to splurge on. Forget showcasing them in your foyer or dining room table, make tiny arrangements and put them places you really live. Next to your kitchen sink, your bedside table, the bathroom, even over the washer and dryer.
Same goes for chocolate, buy anything over 70% cacao and hide them all over the house. Underwear and kitchen utensil drawers, bathroom vanities and inside of old coat pockets.
You'll find them when you need it most, reminding you to care for yourself when you forget a month down the road.

4. Make a list. After you have done a proper amount of self-care make a list of three things you want to do before the end of the year. None of these things can have anything to do with children. What have you wanted to try but never made time for? What calls to you but feels frivolous? Is there something you used to do but lost along the way?

Is your brain longing for more intellectual stimulation, are you an artist trapped in a minivan, when was the last time you rode a horse?
Find pretty paper, write the needs down and put this most important list smack in the middle of refrigerator next to the kid art and above the honey-do pad.

5. Call a Supersister. Call your best and most encouraging Supersister and read your list.
Ask her to hold you to your new manifesto of feminine bliss and invite her to join you with her own. Meet at least one time in the next 90 days at your favorite restaurant for dinner and to discuss your progress. Even if it totally flops, the time together is worth it for you and her.

Tell us Supersisters
...What are your secrets for reclaiming the best parts of you? Leave your ideas in the comments, we all need them.


Cary writes...

I always love getting permission to take care of myself. I needed the reminder. Thanks.

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