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Summer Slackin'

Posted by Patience on August 14, 2008 at 12:06 AM in Family ActivitiesPatience
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"I have an idea, an idea Mom!" Lucy says in her sleep. Even in her sleep this kid is hatching a plan. She is nestled in the crook of my arm and I wait a little longer to hear more of the sleep talking brilliance but it isn't long before she is snoring again.

The only problem is now I can't sleep and ideas are running through my head.
The mental chatter starts...All I can think about is how I've been running a frat house all summer. Kids up until all hours, eating by hunger instead of clocks, more junk, more t.v. and video games, less reading, you get the idea. I'm a total slacker summer mother. The suggested reading list is still on the refrigerator held up by a kid creation Christmas magnet. There are no checks in the tiny boxes.

I am the redemptive mother variety, some of my best ideas flow from guilt and procrastination. I used to judge myself for such traits, now I believe they should be celebrated.

So after brushing up on my Back-to-School knowledge, I decided to make an attempt to revive any potential creative juices left in my children's brains. My almost 10 year old niece was very excited to help. Since we didn't read the suggested books why not just write our own instead?

homemade books.jpg

Bookmaking 101

1. We cut simple white computer paper into different sizes.
2. We then cut bright card stock about a ½ inch around the white squares.
3. Then we sewed them together using all those fancy stitches no one ever uses on their sewing machines. Anyone that can sew a straight line can make these. (kids included)
No sewing machine? Try stapling or hole punching and using ribbon to bind together.

handmade books 2.jpg

The books were way fun for the kids to help create and fantastic for inspiring budding authors. These can be great for introducing tiny flip books, story books, illustration books or just handy journals.
A bundle of handmade books is also a great gift for your new teacher to keep in her writing center. Don't you feel like the mother of the year now? Summer slackerness be gone.


Sandie writes...

Wow, way to go Patience! You are so crafty. I'm a big-time slacker mama. This is my default mode, in fact, but I'm also hanging with tween/teen nieces & nephews, so maybe I'll enlist them for an activity like this.

Colleen writes...

Glad to know I'm not the only Summer Slackin' Mom! I have been seriously bummed about all the great 'Ideas' I had for this summer that were lost by the time morning rolled around.

This really makes me feel better... even if I can't get it together these last few days to make the books...

Kristin writes...

Hey Patience! I love the line that you've been running a frat house all summer. We have a "fun things to do this summer" list posted on the back of the pantry door and, of course, there's no way we could have ever checked off all the boxes. In fact, sometimes, if we come up with something really fun on a whim, I just add it to the list (like it was always supposed to be there) and then check it off happily! Creative list making helps me realize all the fun we have when we're not planning. GREAT BLOG - Keep up the great work!!

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