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The Things We Do For Love

Posted by Jen on August 26, 2008 at 12:36 AM in Jen
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ethan and kris's ear

Yes, that's my sister, the one whose ear is being loved to death by that dear little boy named Ethan. Some kids have blankies, other kids prefer thumbs--but Ethan, give him his mother's ear and he's good to go.

These are the little things we do as mothers, right? I spent months holding hands with Madeleine from the front seat to the back of the car whenever she started to meltdown as a very busy toddler. Did it drive me a little bit crazy? Yes. Did I make her stop? No. As mothers we understand that these tiny little habits are mostly about our kids needing to find a way to feel connected to us--especially during those early years when they are taking their first steps of independence. There's so much to try and see and do and then there's that moment when you've had just enough. Pass me my mother's ear. And fast.

This morning a thousand little former ear-holders will traipse off to kindergarten, ready as can be, while their mothers stand back in disbelief. Whoever thought she'd be able to function without her blankie? Whoever imagined he could make it through half a day without me right there by his side? All those dear mothers will deem it a miracle, but you and I know the truth: it's the little things we do for love that help our kids understand how much our presence lingers--long after the binkie and blankets fall by the wayside, forgotten at last.


tracey writes...

waaaah! my baby is heading off to kindergarten next week and this perfectly sweet and sincere post has got me weepy. sniff, sniff.

Alex writes...

Oh! These beautiful stories really make me want to experience motherhood soon.

Alex writes...

Oh! These beautiful stories really make me want to experience motherhood soon.

Karen writes...

... the reason we roll socks (you are loved down to your toes), serve sandwiches restaurant style (I treasure you), foreheads are kissed (you linger forever in my heart) and the countless ways a mother's presence is artfully painted on the canvas of a child's life. This post also revived memories of the special things my mother did for me. Life is good.

Heather writes...

it has been some years that I had one go off to kindergarten. I miss those days when they are awestruck yet unsure of school. The bigger they get the faster they seem to grow up. Gah!!

Amanda writes...

I quake at the thought of this milestone, my first born slated to head to pre-k next Thursday, makes me weep with her emerging kidness. I am endlessly fascinated by the tenuous nature of the relationship we have with our children, holding and releasing, loving and disciplining. So, so dear. Thank you.

Marelle writes...

I like this one. Great post!

devan writes...

Love this pic! So sweet!

Tamara writes...

I loved this post. My little boy is currently 14 months old and try as we may to find him a new "lovie" only holding my hair will do the trick. I can't even count how many times I have been bent over awkwardly at restaraunts, on cartrips, in public so that he can hold onto my hair. Not to mention nap and bedtime. Sometimes it's annoying but more often it makes me feel special and loved.

Elaine writes...

My littles are also ear holders and my first born will be heading off to Kindergarten in just a few days. So yes, this post touched me directly. I still can't believe it's happening. And in just two more years, her sister will be right there at her heels. CRAZY, I tell you.

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