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A Jen Love

Posted by Patience on September 5, 2008 at 2:30 AM in Patience
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lucy and jen.jpg
A proud Jen holding a minutes old Lucy

We have had a problem prepping Lucy for preschool lately. It has to do with "Jen-love" as I like to call it. This might be because Jen completely delights in Lucy. Everyone needs someone in their life who thinks you are brilliant, clever and can do no wrong.

One of Lucy's new teachers at school is named Jim. I've tried to talk about him a lot to give her a sense of familiarity. The problem being, she only has Jen on the brain.

On the day of the home visit from her new teachers:

Me: Lucy, do you want to make some cookies for Liza and Jim?
Lucy: For JEN? Oh sure, I love make cookies for JEN!
Me: No Lucy, for JIM.
Lucy: No mama, I make cookies for Jen.

One more attempt at clarifying and getting her excited about school:

Me: So are you excited to go to school? Jim and Liza are going to have some great things waiting for you.
Lucy: Jen is going to be at my school? Oh how nice.

I give up.

The other night I was crying in a pregnancy induced overwhelmed moment.
Lucy came to comfort. She put her hand on my leg.

Lucy: Are you sad mama?
Me: Yeah, but I'll be alright.
Lucy: Do you miss Jen? (thinking this surely must be the reason for tears)
Me: Umm...No.
Lucy: Oh. (dumbfounded)

Every kid needs a favorite auntie I guess. Josiah absolutely adores "Cook" who is Kris.
Jack has a soft spot for our other sister Katie.

Lord help us when Jen isn't at preschool the first day. Poor Jim.

Who was the "auntie" when you were growing up that completely adored you? Who is the Supersister in your child's life today?


Jen Lemen writes...

right back at ya, lucy-girl! i have the lucy love really bad, too, and nothing would make me happier than to meet you at pre-school! xo

Kizz writes...

My Auntie Blanche died this morning at 98 years old. She was my (and many other people's) Jen. Nice to hear about the Jen-love today especially. I hope the Jen-love helps Lucy to love poor Jim, too.

Meg writes...

My aunt Margie--or Aunt Frizzy--as I called her could do no wrong. She broke my heart when she moved to Colorado to get married.

Kelly writes...

My Uncle John could do no wrong when I was a little girl. Only had eyes for him. He went to Mexico when I was about 8 and we never saw him again and only heard from him when he needed money. Broke my heart. Still does. Jen-love is a strong and powerful thing.

Peace and love.

Marelle writes...

great post--too cute.

kristin writes...

oh i totally get this, and maybe it is in the name,"jen". my little boy was brought into the world with my hubs and my dearest girlfriend, jen. they have been inseparable since. he adores her, every time we get in the car "going to see jen?" i adore that she loves him so much and he just crushes on her. i think his choice in a lady is spectacular! lol

patience writes... sorry to hear about your Aunt Blanche. I hope today and the days to come bring lots of sweet memories and family love.


Amy writes...

Only because I didn't meet her until I was 13 was she not the aunt the little girl me loved, but as I've grown up and she's grown more wise my aunt Gail is the dearest non-parental person in the world to me. I would totally bake cookies and paint rainbow pictures all for her!

Kate writes...

This is such a great post! My little girl adores her DabDab (my mother in law). She's learnt her number off by heart, and will call her up a couple of times a day for a chat. She's only six - imagine the phone bills once she grows up!

best wishes


JessicaAPISS writes...

When my son Charlie was 2 years old, he did the classic "Mama, I'm going to marry you when I grow up." When I explained that persons married friends that they made that weren't parents, he replied, "OK, I guess I'll marry Uncle Ron then."

He adores his great uncle Ron a whole lot, obviously!

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