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Google calendars and Kid predictions

Posted by Patience on September 23, 2008 at 6:51 AM in Patience
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september 2008 037.jpg

a couple of my family fortune tellers

There it was in teal highlighting on the shared online google family calendar- Baby will come. Lord knows it will happen if it's on the calendar right? It was my husband's attempt at manifesting. He put it up over two weeks ago. The 22nd of September was the first day when work was quiet, a good day to have a baby according to his very busy schedule.

I decide to go with it even though my due date is still 11 days away, I'm more than ready to have a baby. He's been on a roll lately with inviting good things to come into his life, and then claiming them whole heartedly.
I noticed his facebook page had been updated:

"Jorge is on high alert...we can't wait to meet our new baby!"

This, of course, started a flurry of return wall-to-wall comments and actual phone calls.
Have I mentioned I'm not even in labor? There has been not one contraction all day.
He came home from work last night and jokingly said, "Hmm...Is the baby here yet, is she cute?"

I have been walking around 3 centimeters dilated for weeks now. High alert passed for me somewhere around last Monday, I've moved to quiet desperation.
I decided to ask a very small child for a prediction as I've found in the past they can serve as excellent magic 8 balls. Lucy, at the age of almost three is the perfect candidate.

"Lucy, do you think we are having our baby this week?" I inquire.
"Nope." She says oh so casually.
"Do you think we are having our baby NEXT week?" I say in my best shocked tone.
"Yep." She replies nodding her head.

So I'm moving on with my family fortune tellers. The phone rang late last night. It was a dear friend who is due with her baby on the exact same day. She was calling to ask me if I thought she could be in labor. I think the google calendar was for her.

Calling all Supersisters- Care to make a prediction in the comments? Or at least tell me what you did to pass the time at the end of pregnancy when you feel like a whale?


Naomi in Ohio writes...

I ate LOTS and LOTS of chinese food :)

lots and lots of walking too ... and then I threw in quite a bit of castor oil (NOT recommended, however)

May the days leading up to New Baby's arrival go smoothly!

the holly writes...

taking lots of walks, eating whatever the heck i wanted, and baring my belly at the moon. anything. any. thing. i even took castor oil but i wouldn't wish that on ANYONE! but it worked! ahhh...waiting. we don't do that very well in our culture. peace.

Jess writes...

Oh, man...(((hugs)))

I was JUST like that at the end of pregnancy #3, we had so many perfect days for a birthday picked out and every last one of them ticked by while NOTHING happened. I'll do a labor-dance for you and hope that things start soonish!

Amy writes...

If my memory serves me right, didn't you do some sort of shopping the day Lucy was born? I feel like you might have been running errands all day, and when you finally settled in at home,labor officially began. Maybe a good ol' insane Walmart trip might induce you! ;) Also, Lucy came when you least expected it, you called me unsure you were even in labor (even though it was your third). It seems as though your new addition will come when you least expect it...unplanned...and in perfect timing. :)

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