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Preparing for Baby: Books and Blessings

Posted by Patience on September 9, 2008 at 7:00 AM in Patience
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baby book.jpg

Books: part one

Things have been rumbling in our house lately. New jobs, a new school year, a new baby coming. All the new gives way to lots of joy but also requires navigating roles, identifying feelings and finding a flow.

I find more children have climbed in bed with us when I wake up, a new level of tantrums erupt and everyone seems just the tiniest bit out of sorts. It always takes me a few days to figure out change is the culprit.
When this happens I know from experience that family love is in order. So after we realize that our children are not monsters, we return to the basics of holding, listening and creating an experience to bring us together.

New baby is the the biggest change headed our direction so we decided to take it on with a book.

Did you know that according to Josiah, Jack and Lucy I'm going to have a one hour labor while I hula dance and roar like a lion?

These great predictions originated from conversations started by this little treasure:
Mama When is the Baby Gonna Hatch? by Cary York

It's a natural childbirth preparation book for families by Richmond artist Cary York.
The voice of this book is so honoring to kids and their journey to becoming siblings.
My favorite part was the kid's answers to the interactive questions in the book.
The mix of medical terminology with an invitation for kid input was just what we needed to open up lots of questions and talk about all that is coming.

jack book.jpg

A little information and a plan can go a long way to help everyone feel more settled during a big change.
Josiah and I reminisced about Lucy's birth while Jack was all about the predictions and information gathering. Lucy was happy to color and make "animal" mama labor noises.

After they decided they would play Legos and plan a birthday party for our new baby girl while I am in labor, we made a plan to do our next family activity in a few days.
This gives a chance to check back in together again as we find our way to becoming a family of six.

I'll be working on my hula dance in the mean time.

If you want to check out Cary's book and her amazing art, you can find her work here.

Check out part 2: Baby blessings on Friday!

Supersister Suggestion of the Day: What did you do to help your kids get ready for a new sibling?


Sarah writes...

What a beautiful book!

Kristen writes...

My 2 year old daughter just started preschool and has been having lots of sleep issues (unusual for her) and tantrums. And just tonight I told my husband that I would bet that much of these issues are due to change. New school, potty training is still fairly new...So many new things. So many things she has no control over. And like you, I am realizing that she is not a monster and that love and support are what she needs the most right now. By the way, I love this blog! Just when I think I'm alone, I read one of these posts and feel sooooo much better. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Jennifer writes...

I am in love with that book! What a treasure.
My guy was 2.5 when his sister was born. We told him he'd get to buy a birthday cake for the baby. I sewed him his own baby, and bought him a sling. He helped my mom help me do a belly cast.
Love that you're going to hula :)

Jess writes...

Emotions are running high over here, too, with new school situations for the older two and tons of milestones for everybody, all packed into one big week. Yikes! Definitely time for some family love. :)

I adore that book and wish we had had a copy 9 months ago when our littlest one was born. Another great book is a midwife-written classic from nearly 30 years ago that is still one of the best sibling prep books I've ever seen: Mom and Dad and I are Having a Baby! (Marianne Malecki) Your midwife might have a loaner copy. Info + plan = kiddo empowerment.

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