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Some things you can't pull over on the kids

Posted by Kristen on September 29, 2008 at 7:04 AM in Kristen
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This past Saturday we spent the day at the National Book Festival. Standby for lots of great videos from interviews with your favorite authors of kid's books. It was a blast. But it was not without some entertaining parenting moments.

Like when I was interviewing Susan Meddaugh, author of the Martha Speaks series and now the new PBS Kids show Martha Speaks. I made the mistake of using The Boy as a prop in my interview. All was well until he broke his little airplane while I was holding him. I thought for a second that he was having a heart attack or that perhaps having a pint-sized nervous breakdown.

I started with the pleading look. Nothing. Then I moved to 'the look.' Trouble is, I don't own 'the look.' You know the look of which I speak. My mother? Had the look. I try it out for size occasionally but my children are immune to it. I glared at The Boy in hopes that he would be quiet for the last 30 seconds of my interview. Oh, no. One look and he ramped up even more, wailing about his airplane. Susan continued to answer whatever question I had asked and The Boy did what every three-year-old would do. He wailed on. I put him on the ground and pushed him to his aunt. Still wailing. How long did it take to fix that plane? Two seconds. Sheesh.

There were also some philosophical parenting moments. I had that drama before we went, wondering what his reaction to the costumed PBS Kids characters would be. He ran past Clifford four times. Clifford looked at me. At least I think he did. I shrugged my shoulders. What are you gonna do? Two minutes later he was dutifully taking video of all the characters. Crisis averted, right? Not so fast.

In the car home:

Ethan: Why was Curious George so big and Clifford so small? Clifford is supposed to be as big as a house.

To crush a child's fantasy or not? Clearly he wasn't buying the fantasy. Resigned, his father turned around and explained costumes and pretend. The Boy nodded his head wisely.

Goodbye, Santa Claus. And I guess we won't even try with the Tooth Fairy?


nicole writes...

Ah, "the look." My 4 year old is immune to it too. Still, I give it my best shot.

devan writes...

"Why was Curious George so big and Clifford so small?"

LOL! I wondered if this might be a problem with that genius of yours!

Anita writes...

Oh it's hard to do work while out with the family isn't it? It's good to hear that these things don't always work out as amazing as they sound on paper!

Jeannine writes...

Was it perhaps Clifford from his Puppy Days years? Hmmmm, smart kid you have there -- I was oblivious to Cliffords size at the Book Fest. Yikes, shouldn't say that out- loud, uhhh!

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