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There's a new kid in town and Sid is his name

Posted by Kristen on September 4, 2008 at 7:01 AM in Kristen
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I have a confession. When PBS launches a new kids show, part of me sighs. The problem is that with the creation of Super Why and Word World last year, my son is absolutely obsessed. This makes my husband laugh because The Boy's obsession involves the need to spell everything. If you have a three-year-old asking you incessantly how to spell something, you should be happy right? "D-O-G, dog, C-A-T, cat, R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D-T-R-A-C-K, railroad track." Then there are those moments when he spells on his own. "T-L-K-R, DOG!!!! Mom, I spelled DOG!!!"

Every day is a request to watch a specific episode of Word World involving Pig and a pie. I have no idea. The Baby, who won't even remotely watch television, does like to scream "Wo Wo" when the theme comes on.

You can imagine my dismay when The Boy first saw the commercials for the new series Sid, The Science Kid. I'll admit I prayed he wouldn't notice. But he did. And it started.

The Boy: Did you record that Sid? I want to see that Sid show.

I stumbled through the channels (thank God for living within 3 local PBS stations) and found Sid. Sid started singing. Sid started dancing. Sid got a magnifying glass.

A magnifying glass. The roof could have caved in and The Boy would have stayed where he was, riveted on the fact that Sid's teacher GAVE HIM A MAGNIFYING GLASS. Add two bugs, a journey to discover how a rolie polie moves, more dancing and we had a winner. The husband was delirious that there was actual science discussed. I was excited to see that Sid's parents were a biracial couple, something that is very common around here but is not often represented in children's programming. Aside from some excessive giggling from all the characters, it's fairly easy for kids to follow and gives great ideas for keeping a science journal and recording your scientific findings.

The Boy loved it. Loved it. I was just glad he didn't ask me to spell "magnifying glass." It's only a matter of time.


Nicole writes...

I'm totally cracking up about your "Boy" spelling "dog" with every letter except d-o-g. My daughter does the exact same thing. I often wonder whether I'm supposed to smile and let her think that she's right or correct her. At any rate, it always makes me laugh. And, I'm glad that she's at least trying.

Naomi writes...

We LOVE SID!!! Had it TiVo'd as soon as we heard about it. It's our "calm down after getting off of the kindergarten bus" show!

Sarah writes...

We'll have to check out Sid. My 3 YO wants to marry Wyatt from Super Why, so maybe Sid will steal Wyatt's place in her deepest affections.

Andrew writes...

Very Funny stories...

Kristen does have some funny stories, but Naomi has a funny story also... But what really cracked me up was Sarah's Story. But my kid actually spells DOG d-o-g (Not saying Brad is better...)

Tina writes...

YAY! I'm so glad we are not the only ones who are obsessed with Word World, Sid and more!! My 3 y/o gets the letters right--our issue is that I think soon he will start trying to take our D-O-G apart!! LOL I was fortunate enough to have bought, on sale--a couple of years ago actually--some great Word World books--long before the show was on here--didn't even realize the treasure that I had. He spends hours putting words together there then uses the blocks to make new words!

Michelle writes...

I think that Sid the Science kid teaches children that bi-racial families are ok and normal. God made us different colors for a reason. I was very disappointed that this show is on PBS.

Shakealia writes...

I am a school teacher...a high school teacher. I must confess. I don't have any children of my own, and I LOVE watching PBS Kids! Sid is among my favorite because of its diversity. The children are of differing abilities, personalities and ethnicities. It is what a real classroom looks like and it reassures students from all backgrounds that they can live and love science. I absolutely LOVE this show!!! We need more like them on PBS and beyond.

Sarah writes...

Michelle, you really need help. Do not bring God into this to justify your obvious racism. Shame on you.

Sid the science kid is a great show!

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