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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

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Baby memories

Posted by Patience on October 28, 2008 at 7:00 AM in BabiesPatience
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lucy lyra sleep2.jpg

Lucy looking resigned to the don't-wake-the-baby rule.

I don't want to forget but life has a way of pushing us forward making it more difficult to hold on to the sweetness of the everyday.
Here are things I want to remember when I am old and gray...about Lyra, about babies, about family:

How she holds on with her tiny hands when she nurses.
How old ladies in the grocery store fuss over her and want to tell their own stories of babies and love.
How my voice can solve near hysteria.
How my babies looked sleeping on their papa's chest.
How Lucy calls her Mamacita in a voice two octaves higher than her usual.
How every infant I had cried in the car and hated the car seat.
How messy the house was because I held a baby all day long.
How we acted like she was the best tv show and watched her for hours with rapt attention.
How excited we were when she finally "woke up" and would simply stare at us trying to focus.
How tired I am, even with resting all day.
How the brothers rubbed her head and whispered in her ear.
How babies nuzzle in your neck.
How we called her the velcro baby.
How we worshiped and adored each one.
How deep and wide your heart can grow.

Question of the day: What do you want to remember about this stage and time you are living with your child right now? What do you want to forget? Tell us here in the comments or direct us to your favorite post in your blog.


JL writes...

I want to remember how fragile I feel right now, remembering how I feel on this day. This day that on exactly one year ago, I had no idea I was going to go into labor with my second son. I want to remember that my birth attendant said my house had a "magical smell". It was the smell of chocolate chip cookies I baked (to occupy myself while waiting for labor) mixed with a Spiced Pumpkin candle. I look back on that about-to-be mama and I am so proud of her. I look at my soon-to-be one year old and I am in crazy love.

Kate writes...

that I can be strong and fragile at the same time, it can hurt so deeply yet make me so powerful and how they love each other...

patience writes...

It seems fragility and parenting go hand in hand. I'm amazed by how many different emotions you can feel and how deeply you can feel them. I guess this makes us all our own brand of super.

jen lemen writes...

um...that looks more like a "i guess she's staying after all" kind of moment. :) love the pic, pache, and that lucy.

Sarah writes...

About the newborn phase: I want to remember being holed up in bed with the baby, in the cold, dark winter. I would open my nightgown and lay him on my chest in just a diaper so we could be skin-to-skin, and then I'd pile blankets on top of both of us. We were both warmer that way. His skin and mine were practically vibrating with the exchange of electrons.

About the current phase (11 months): how he calls every animal with fur and four legs a cat. Every squirrel we see on our daily walks elicits a delighted "CAHH!" I also want to remember the absolute joy with which he responds to his sister's faces and noises.

My daughter at one would toddle to the door and yell "ahhh-side!" when she wanted to go out. At two, she would give us dirty looks with furrowed brow and then we'd all dissolve into laughter. At three, she is imitating various cartoon heroines crying, and will shake her shoulders with silent tears, and then look up to see if we are reacting.

Gina writes...

I hope I'll always remember how Vivo leans her head against my neck when she's tired, sucks on her fingers and closes her eyes. She never falls asleep, she just rests there. It is our one peaceful, tender time.

Alice writes...

About babydom...some of my favorite memories are of doing nothing but staring at them (while they slept, ate, nursed, played...). I did kind of wish our velcro baby (we called him our cling-on) would let me put him down sometimes but for the most part, it was wonderful being so needed.
Nursing was one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Such a bond and such a nice, quiet, loving, and warm time. A great way for us to wind down from the day.
As they got older...I could have done without the daily 1 1/2 to 2 hour screaming tantrums from my strong-willed daughter. I'm happy to say that at 4 years old she is now able to calm herself a little better and much faster. Whew. I can also truly understand other parents who deal with very willful children. I think her personality will serve her well as she gets older but man, it's hard to deal with when your child is 18mos to 3 years old!
At 4, she is a joy. She is fun, smart, witty, beautiful, and generally nice to be around. At 8, our son is great. He is creative, intelligent, and thoughtful. He gets notes from other kids saying he is a good friend.
Parenting is not easy but it can be so rewarding.

Sandra writes...

I want to remember how much they need me and how hard I'm trying to meet that need.. I also for some reason love small children's feet .. I want to always remember how my children's feet looked when they were small. Thank you for being my children, Noam and Maeve.

joella writes...

51 years ago, I thought there was nothing greater than my first . child,Teresa. Nine years later I had my 5thchild, Valerie. I thought that was it but at age 70, I am a mother again to a beautiful little girl, Gracie. The courts and social workers asked me to raise her over a year ago. She is now 14 months old. She is no relation to us and we don't get money from the parents. I never knew just how much a blessing she would be. Jo Ella Brammer

Mary writes...

I hope I always remember my infant son's excited whimper when he knew he was about to nurse, and then his relieved "hmmmmmm" when he finally got to the milk. It made us laugh every time. And my older son -- when he was a baby, his sweet wisps of blond, almost white, hair. It was almost waxy in its curliness. I used to love to rock him and rest my face against his soft hair.

kate writes...

i wanted to remember all the funny things you all did when we were kids so when your kids turn into teenagers, i can help them see their 'rents aren't so bad after all.

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