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Fall fun for the little ones

Posted by Kristen on October 9, 2008 at 7:00 AM in Family ActivitiesKristen
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250px-Pumpkins.jpgIt's my favorite time of year. The air is getting crisp(er), the leaves are starting to change and the humidity seems to finally be gone. Having spent the better number of my years in a climate void of autumn, I find myself going a little overboard. Maybe everyone in the family isn't interested in taking that 3 hour drive to see the fall foliage, but no one will be complaining when we finally get there. Here are some other ideas for fall fun.

  • Take the kids on a corn maze adventure. I remember when a corn maze was a corn maze. You started out at one end and hoped for the best. Now the corn mazes can go for acres and some even have scavenger hunts on the way. One local farm has a hay maze that is better suited for smaller children. Whatever the size of the corn maze, you are sure to have stories to tell by the time you find your way out.
  • Go apple picking. It seems like I am addicted to apple picking since you have been subjected to three posts related to apples. What can I say? The kids LOVE to go apple picking. Fruit for snacks and endless recipes to try. Pies, applesauce, tarts, cakes. You name it. Apples rock.
  • Pick your own pumpkin and gourds. We never seem to get around to the carving but it is so much fun to have the house decorated with different sizes of pumpkins and crazy curly gourds. Sure the kids may think they are balls and you spend every day "reminding" them not to throw the pumpkins, but the fun factor will always win.
  • Simmer up some mulling spices to make your house smell like fall. High end gourmet stores sell some divine mulling spices but this is where I confess to doctoring up regular old apple cider with cinnamon sticks, cloves and a little nutmeg. Simmering the concoction on the stove for even just an hour can leave my whole house smelling delicious.

So what do you do to get into the autumn feeling?


patience writes...

1. We have about 1,000 conversations about Halloween costumes. The kids change their minds every second. Although, I did hear a rumor there are Super Why costumes this year. This might change everything.

2.We also buy candy corn, my sister swears they do not taste good until October 1st. I disagree, I think they are scarily addictive the last week of September.

3. We guess how many pumpkins my husband will be able to carry this year with his freakishly long arms and huge hands. We visit a patch that sells all the pumpkins you can hold for $20. His record is 18 I think.

very fun...great post.

Bonnie writes...

I start by decorating my house with fall colors and accessories. And I burn fall scented candles. Then my son and I start searching for the ultimate pumpkin patch. That parts the best.

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