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My First Halloween

Posted by Patience on October 31, 2008 at 8:30 AM in Patience
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mama & jo- train costume2.jpg
my first halloween - me, age 26 josiah, age 2

This was my very first Halloween, 6 years ago. For whatever reason we didn't celebrate Halloween when I was a kid. When Josiah was two we made this Thomas the Tank Engine costume at the last minute on Halloween day. It was the dreamiest day. He could barely speak but he helped me paint the cardboard on that cool fall afternoon while the leaves floated around us.
This little boy fell asleep while we trick or treated, I don't even think he realized candy was the thing. He was just so happy to have that train, he played with it for years.

We've been under the magic spell of Halloween ever since. You would have thought last night was the night before Christmas. We put the finishing touches on costumes, children were literally bouncing off the walls, no one could sleep.
So Halloween, bring the joy of dress up and candy goodwill, we can't wait.

The Halloween Report:

1 Construction worker from The Village People (the most enthusiastic Halloween member in our family at the age of 34)
1 Storm Trooper
1 Link (a character from a video game)
1 Princess
1 baby (which is a baby in a Halloween onsie)

Okay, your turn in the comments. Who are you taking trick-or-treating tonight?
Don't forget to check out the awesome parent's guide for Halloween happiness here.


Kelly writes...

We have a witch and a ninja trick or treating tonight. It is a joy to see their excitement at dressing up. And then, of course, there's the candy collection of the year.

I'll tell you later Betty

Amy writes...

great costume! we have Obi Wan Kenobi, Minnie Mouse and an angel with a black eye (that horsey ride gone bad on big brother thing).

p.s. could you and Kristen sound more alike?!! I bet getting all 4 of you together is trippy.

Anne writes...

Oh boy, this is the third year I'm taking Anakin Skywalker trick-or treating. Three years previous to that, yep, Darth Vadar. At least with Anakin I don't end up carrying a voice changing mask around the neighborhood. We love Halloween, not only because of All the fun, but, because next comes Thanksgiving, birthday, birthday, birthday, Christmas!!!

kate writes...

while i did not dress up this halloween, fortunately, all the hair stylists at Envy Salon & Spa were in the spirit. And no one does halloween better than hair stylists. maybe it is because they know how to make the most of wigs.....there was a trashy elvira, a witch, a jazzerciser, a military chic, a zombie and a referee. AND a grandmother came in with a very cute little princess and a 2 year old gangsta. good times. can't wait to see the pictures!!!! writes...

we took a mouse and a doggie. our teenagers went without us (sniff) and were paris hilton and a jester.

Jennifer writes...

We had a beautiful bunny girl... This was her first halloween, she is 5 months old and we were so excited about her, She was so happy, we didnt trick or treat for a long time because She felt asleep... But We took many pictures and we took her to the mall. I think this holyday was really awesome.

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