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Seven Sensational Things To Do When You're Not Feeling So Super

Posted by Jen on October 1, 2008 at 7:00 AM in Jen
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for you

This supersister is exhausted this morning--mostly from going way too long without touching one thing on my list-of-things-to-do-when-you're-not-feeling-so-super. You know the list of which I speak, right? That secret list of things every parent needs and every parent neglects when things get too crazy and overwhelming. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. And then let's promise each other to cross something off sometime soon, okay?

1. Go to the movies in the middle of the day. This is the true purpose of the sick day, the real reason children go to school, the most essential indulgence of parenting ever. I promise you the scandal of it alone will make everything feel better. Add snowcaps and you're golden.

2. Go for a walk. And I don't mean a power walk to get rid of that last ten pounds. I'm talking a walk in the park, a stroll, a meander. Go slowly and please smell the roses. Extra points if you can pick a path that includes a river, stream, fountain or some other soothing sound of water.

3. Buy groceries that you actually want and that are good for you, not what's on sale or what you think your kids will eat. There are all kinds of foods that never make it on my list because I'm the only one who will eat them. I promise just the sight of that pomegranate in your crisper will make you happy every time you open the frig.

4. Lie in the grass and look at the sky. I'm not kidding. When was the last time I did this? Oh yeah, the very last time I felt totally like myself. Pretend you are seven and that there's nothing to do but pick out Orion's belt or imagine the clouds are heart-shaped just for you. Only good can come from it.

5. Create your own personal chocolate stash and stock it. I knew a woman (a very wise woman) who hid little individually wrapped chocolates above the child proof line of discovery. Coming upon that blissful goodness long after the fact was her lifeline to sanity. I. must. do. this.

6. Collect your own bunch of wildflowers and display them prominently. Do you have any memory of wearing a dandelion necklace? gathering a buttercup bouquet? soaking queen anne's lace in food coloring? Any one of these activities will still make me happy. How about you?

7. Make a mixed tape or iMix or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days. Go ahead. Download Karen Carpenter. You know you still love her. Need to relive your glorious eighties? Madonna is still your girl. Need more cheese? How about Air Supply? Celine Dion? It takes energy to maintain your sophisticated musical taste and sometimes you just want the most over-the-top playlist on earth. I say no one has to know. Go for it.

I hope you're feeling more better than I am this morning. Feel free to say what's not feeling so super in the comments below. And *please* pretty please tell me what's a must-have, must-see, must-do on your list. (Superdads, too!)


Nicole writes...

What a cute/funny post, Jen. A death in the family's got our household feeling not so super. So, I appreciate your writing a post just for me! :)

I also like your suggestion to see some water. It really does have a soothing quality. Even when I pass by this little fountain on my way to work, I can't help but smile.

Hope you're feeling super again real soon!

Kelly writes...

From one sista' to another, I feel your pain. Thanks for the reminder to put my oxygen mask on first. I seem to forget that one so easily.

I'll tell you later Betty

GailNHB writes...

I love this list, Jen. I am not feeling super at the moment. Headed off to the doctor soon to check out a neck problem. Planning to stop at a favorite shop on the way home to stock up on a few goodies. Thanks for this timely post.

I plan to carry out a few of these suggestions in the next few days. Especially the movie idea - with red Australian licorice hidden in my bag. Plus I'll be heading over to ITunes pretty soon to look up Air Supply and James Taylor. I hope you are able to indulge in a few personal blessings/treats even as you sit with dear Odette during this second surgery. Some much anticipated blog reading. Journaling. Idea-hatching for future art projects, grants to write, and the like. With snowcaps and m&ms!

Naomi in Ohio writes...

It has been one of those mornings, so this post was much needed. It's raining, so the walk and the laying in the grass aren't options, but I just now decided to hang some pictures.

I have empty wall space and loads of pictures.

So they may be crooked and a bit off-center, but it's going to make me feel better.

Oh ... that and listen to that song ... You're Ok.

Kristina writes...

My sister sent me the link to your post, saying it made her think of me. I'm so glad she did. It's been a hard week and this morning I forgot about it all and called up a friend and went to have coffee...and the stickiest gooiest pastry I could find. I didn't feel guilty at all...just doing what I neeeded to do. Not only is is good for me, but having a happier mom/wife is good for my familty too!

Sarah writes...

I just hung out with my best friend for four hours. It was nothing exotic, but I played hooky at work to go with her to Costco and to lunch. It was so restorative and wonderful, and a good reminder that making time for each other really helps a funk.

karen writes...

I must confess. This post is so timely ... I'm snickering over what happened to me yesterday. My little buddy needed me to be home. Lots of earth-shattering transition going on in his world. We both needed to disconnect from the world for the day. So, I make "the call" to the office trying to be cool about it. Confident. "I'm taking the day off. Will be in tomorrow." All is great until my boss calls me on my cell for the staff meeting later, my buddy flips up the cell phone - "it's for you!" We are at a coffee house full of college kids laughing and being outrageous. I couldn't even hear my boss. I chirped out a pitiful, "I'll have to call you back." He never asked me to explain. We were bandits on the run all day, sunburned by the time we got home. So so worth it!

carol writes...

Going to the used book store for a couple of hours.

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