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Some people are taking this PBS gig a little too seriously

Posted by Kristen on October 23, 2008 at 7:00 AM in Kristen
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When we talked about starting this blog a year and a half ago, my PBS peeps were adamant. If we were going to do this blog, they wanted to be sure that we were not perceived as PBS patsies.

Have you met me or my sisters? I don't think anyone needs to worry about us drinking the Kool-Aid over here and sounding like an infomercial.

Or so I thought.

My life is a PBS commercial and I would love to blame my children but it's my own fault. I opened up my children to Sid the Science Kid. Heaven help me. That show is killing me. KILLING ME.

K: Ethan. Why are all six of these bananas cut into little pieces?
E: You have to cut the banana in pieces for the ice pops.
K: WHAT??? What ice pops?
E: Mom. You need bananas for the ice pops like the ones Sid made. We just need juice. OK, let me tell you the other ingredients.
K: Ethan. It is 7:00 a.m. We don't have any juice. And now we have 6 cut up bananas. Would you like bananas for breakfast?
E: NO.

First it was applesauce. Now it's ice pops. I'm sure the Sid people would like their show to be watched for the science-type things but it's feeling a little like Food Network for Preschoolers.

The next day I heard my husband in the kitchen grilling Ethan about cut up bananas. Again. He did it again. Let's ignore the fact that that a three-year-old was brandishing a knife. I'm sure he was very careful. But I had some plans for those bananas. Not to be confused with the plans I had for the bananas from two days ago.

Today? Someone found a magnifying glass and a baseball hat with a school bus on it. Ethan and Nathan began "investigating" things. It would have been fine except there was only ONE magnifying glass and what the heck was the purpose of the yellow school bus hat? They investigated (and fought over the hat) for two hours. It was only a matter of time before they remembered the ice pops. Forget that it was 50 degrees outside.

Don't get me wrong. It beats them pretending to chase purple unicorns or "catch stars." It's just that this show appears to require slightly more parental interaction than I intended. Or would that be parental intervention?


Naomi writes...

I SPEWED my coffee just now... Yes.... SPEWED.

My kindergartner LOVES Sid ... and I'm thrilled to have a new theme song playing in the background (beats the wonderpets and the lisping duck).

I am 100% in agreement with you. As soon as the show starts, he is after me to let him to "ses-periments" just like Sid.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to sit down, watch the show WITH him, and plan for a little bit of ses-perimentin'

patience writes...

Sid does not call to us like martha, i think it's due to the great love of dogs over here.
Glad you and naomi are filling up the the future scientific genius quota for the world.
Does anyone remember George Shrinks? now we are talking real obsession. I think Josiah actually wished he was 4 inches tall back in the day.

jen lemen writes...

food network for pre-schoolers.
that's priceless!!

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