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Oh, so thankful

Posted by Kristen on November 27, 2008 at 8:44 AM in Kristen
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At this time of year, it seems like it's the middle of the night practically 70% of the day. I wake up in the morning and it is pitch black out. Five o'clock? Pitch black.

So the other morning part of me cringed when I laid in bed. I was sure it was 3 a.m. when I heard the pitter patter of little feet moving across the bedroom floor. Wordlessly his father pulled Nate into bed and plopped him down in the middle of us. I remained silent and didn't move a muscle. Sometimes playing possum can buy you a few more minutes sleep.

He began to chat with great animation in his garbled baby talk that is slowly growing into big boy conversation. His father grunted responses but I remained silent. After about five minutes, he realized I was in bed too.

Nathan: Mommymommymommymommy.
K: Good morning, Nathan. Go back to sleep. It's night time.

He flipped over to face his father and said "MOMMY."
Derek: That's right. Mom's in bed with us. Go back to sleep.
Nathan: (sighing happily) Mommy.

With that he began to awkwardly pat my back.

Nathan: 'ove you.
Kristen: I love you too, Nae.
Nathan: 'ove you.
Kristen: I love you too, Buddy.

I flashed to the moment Lindsay from Graco told the world on Twitter that her two-year-old had told her that she loved her (unsolicited) for the first time. I remembered not being able to remember when Ethan had done that and feeling a little sad. Now here I was in bed in the middle of the night (it was actually 6:28 a.m.) and I was having this incredibly sweet moment that I would remember forever because there were no other distractions from life to draw me away.

Moments later his brother joined us in bed and it just got crazy as they started a tickle war. As tired as I was, I laid there for just a few minutes more, basking in the delight that is my life. These funny, spirited, wonderful kids and their amazing father: it's what I am most thankful for this year.


Lindy writes...

This posting caused my heart to swell up. I remembered the first time my daughter said "I wuv yoo". My husband and I were leaving for a trip to Paris- she was just over age 2 and quite the sassy pants. I had successfully smothered both her and her brother in enough kisses to last the week and I went to help buckle her into my sister's car. I said bye to her brother and then bye to her and she looked at me and waved and said "Eye Wuv Yoo." I instantly teared up and basically ran inside to bawl my eyes out. My sister was cracking up that it took the stubborn little girl so long to say those words. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

Hilary writes...

A wonderful experience,I think those distractions are nothing more than the child's hunt and expression of love.Or his own way of exploring his environment. You experience with Nathan may be interpreted as oedipus complex as described Sigmund Freud in the PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY of child development.

devan writes...

love this. what a sweet boy!

Ah- what a wonderful moment! I'm glad you captured it in your heart, mind and on this blog to forever remember. These are the reasons I love blogging- it gives me a reason to remember all the little details and tell the world what's going on in my life - then I have a nice, big record of it all! (and it's nice to know people occassionaly listen - thanks for letting me know you were!)

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