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The baby says VOTE!

Posted by Patience on November 4, 2008 at 6:02 AM in Patience
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baby vote2.jpg
Lyra says "Vote!" with her eyes.
Doesn't she look very serious about it?

It's 4:55am. The question of the hour, day, year:
Do I take the one month old out in the rain at 5am to wait for the polls to open at 6am?
Do I take 4 kids at 10am hoping it will be slower then?

I don't know but either way I'm goin'! You should too. It's worth it for our kids, for ourselves. Feel free to share your horror stories of waiting in 2 hour lines with small children in the comments. These Supersisters will listen and then remind you how awesome you are for enduring. Good or bad, be sure to leave a comment telling us you voted.

Find your polling station here.
Get your free starbucks after.

Happy voting!


teebee writes...

my disclaimer - i am not (yet) a mom.

i just recently had a discussion with my mother in law. she always campaigned, mostly walking door to door, when her 3 kids were young (1970s-1980s), and always took them with her. she always took them into the booth with her when she cast her ballot. today she has 3 grown children who have all campaigned at some point, and who are sure to vote at every election.

my mom never took me to the polls, even though she worked for them every election day. my parents never talked to me about politics unless it was my dad complaining about 'reaganomics' (although in his defense, those were horrible years for my parents), let alone explaining about the importance of my vote. as a result, my dear husband has to explain *everything* political to me and this is the 1st year i have voted.

given these 2 sides - how i was raised, or how my husband was raised - i say take the kids. but, again, i am not a mom and i know that is not always possible or feasible. and for those of you who can't take the kids...please talk to them.

Listen to Lyra - She means it! (she is such a cutie!)

Sarah writes...

I think Lyra's eyes are actually saying "GOBAMA!" :D So what did you end up doing? We took both kids with us at 8 a.m., stood in line for only about 5 minutes, and Ruby helped me cast my ballot, stage whispering, "IS THIS WHERE WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL PEOPLE WE'RE VOTING FOR OBAMA???"

EEEEE! I am so excited! Since you're a big muckety muck at PBS, can you ask them why their election coverage doesn't start until 9 p.m., forcing me to watch network news?

patience writes...

Sarah- I will pass that on to the powers that be although I doubt we hold much muckety muck. ;)

Teebee- you sound pretty wise already, it sounds like you and your husband will make excellent parents...and how cool was your MIL? Thanks for the input!(wish I had read this before I went)

I decided to take the baby who has a cold, in the cold rain, at 7am instead of 5am. Everyone looked very sympathetic as I passed them trying to find the end of the line around the next block.

The voting gods must have been shining on me because a man stopped me and asked if my last name happened to be from S to Z. I was happy to find out there was NO waiting for my S last name, literally a line around the block with people A-R. Crazy right? I was out in 5 minutes.'s all about the waiting now! I can barely stand it!

Sheryl writes...

I took my grandma and both boys to vote with me this morning around 10:30am, we were in and out in less than 10 minutes. 1300 folks had voted before us!!!

Lyra is adorable! So which way did you decide, early morning with one or later morning with all 4?

Jess writes...

We took all three kids, in the rain, one with pinkeye. Of course, the two bigger ones (including Mr. Contagion) decided to stay in the car while my hubby and I tag-teamed the voting (no lines at 8 am here, woohoo!). I took the baby with me, so at least one kiddo was present for the vote. I'm not going to mourn the absence of the other two, who have both come to the polls with me in previous years.

My own parents also never took me to vote, that I can remember. I don't think they ever volunteered and political discourse in our home was limited to fairly shallow party lines. I'm working to educate myself and get more active in the process so that I can model thoughtful political involvement, rather than knee-jerk voting.

kristen writes...

I took two preschoolers with me at 10 and was in and out in 20 minutes including a bathroom stop for all! My five year old was very interested in the process and asked great questions and had some strong opinions about who I should vote for at the polls.

So, who went with you???

ginny writes...

My husband offered to hold our new baby while I voted, but I insisted on taking her with me into the voting booth. Explaining the process of electing an American president, I even read the ballot out loud to her...I guess it sounds a little crazy now.

Today as I stepped into the booth once again, I was thinking of the very first time I voted 40 years ago, with that sweet bundle in my arms. Blessings on all who who took their kids to the polls today!

kate writes...

i very distinctly remember going to vote with my mother and being reminded that is was her constitutional right to refrain from saying who she voted for.

and although my parents were not political, they always taught us to think for ourselves. Thus, a family ripe with political thought! ;)

patience writes...

I STILL don't ask my mother who she voted for because I know she won't tell me. Although, my sisters and I have had many a conversation guessing.

I agree with Kate, I think it did teach me good political manners and to think for myself, kudos mom!

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