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The family that plays together, stays together

Posted by Kristen on November 24, 2008 at 6:42 AM in KristenMedia
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The woman walked by with her two-year-old in a stroller. People stared in disbelief as the little girl scrolled her way through her mother's playlist on her I-Pod, looking for her favorite songs.

"I know, I know," she said, mistaking the look on my face. "I am indulging her but she's tired of being at this craft show. If I wanted to make my way through the whole thing, I had to buy her time by letting her use it."

I clarified that that look on my face was one of empathy (I have one of those kids) and the overwhelming sense that if these kids are making their way through our technology at two, what's going to happen when they are 12?

Derek showed Ethan how to access a game on his phone. He really couldn't explain the game to him because the game was complicated (and he probably couldn't figure it out himself). Now we find Ethan hiding in hallways, playing the game over and over, reaching new levels every day. Today my phone was missing. This photo shows you where my phone was hiding. I just didn't expect them to both be playing the game. These kids (and technology) are going to be the death of me.


Jen Zug writes...

That's so funny. Thomas is the same way - I can't use my own phone for anything without him trying to grab it from my hands.


He totally knows how to turn it on, move the screen from page to page, and switch games. Bryan couldn't be happier.

Robin writes...

My 2 yr old son is an expert at using his Dad's iPhone. He constantly demands it and can unlock it and scroll between the pages, recognizes the icons and chooses the games he wants (his dad loaded some toddler games but he also plays some of the harder games too). He also has a quick link to his youtube playlist and can choose which videos he wants to see.

Tina writes...


Hilary writes...

Captivating interesting and the time a warning signal of what the children are going to be in the next century.I must say that mothers, school teachers, and child Psychologists as well as technologists must increase their scope to accommodate the growing rate at which our children learn new things.

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