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The Thankfulness Tree

Posted by Patience on November 25, 2008 at 6:19 AM in Family ActivitiesPatience
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I always feel like Thanksgiving somehow gets lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas. It's the less glamorous holiday but it continues to be my most favorite.
My sisters and I have to call each other a minimum of 684 times preparing for the day and that's if we are spending it together. Lord only knows the number if we are not.

It is a tradition to talk excessively about what time to put the turkey in and how it is never ready on time anyway. Who cares about the turkey, it's all about the side dishes. The recipes no longer exist on a 3x5 card, you must track down my mother or a younger sister with a better memory. These are the things that make a holiday.

As the years go by, I find myself marking experiences that bring us together in my own little family. Sometimes they are carefully crafted and others just spontaneously happen, some make their way into memory boxes and other just live in our thoughts.
I saw the idea of making a Thankfulness tree around the web the last few days and
thought it might be fun to make with the kids.

Of course, any project with hopes of success should start with a snack.
thanksgiving fun 1.jpg

And then there is the token be-careful-with-the-scissors warning.
thanksgiving fun 2.jpg

The boys cut out the leaves while I cut out the tree.
thanksgiving fun 3.jpg

Here are the leaves, we wrote what we are thankful for on them.
thanksgiving fun 4.jpg

This is my very nobby tree.
thanksgiving fun 5.jpg

A few things we are thankful for: Legos, little sisters, the blackberry (papa's choice), pizza, facebook...
thanksgiving fun 6.jpg

Our not finished tree, we thought we might take it with us on Thanksgiving day so everybody can add to it.
thanksgiving fun 7.jpg
Who knows, it might be the next treasured tradition?

What are your Thanksgiving family traditions? Any new ones you are working on cultivating or do you prefer the kind that unfold on their own? do share...


Jean writes...

What a wonderful idea. It reminds me of the "Kindness Tree" that my daughter's elementary school put up at the beginning of the school year. Everytime a student does a kind act it gets written up on a leaf and added to the tree.

Kelly writes...

I love this idea! I hope to do it this year for our brood!
~Happy Thanksgiving

Gina writes...

Your tree is beautiful! I love this idea... must dig around to find supplies to make one at our house. Thank you for this inspiration.

Mal writes...

Just your friendly neighborhood PBS Parents designer here, trying to stop the Great Spam Assault of 08. There will be some bumps in the blogging road today, but we'll be back on track soon.

Amy writes...

right now I'm having the kids make the place cards. the idea was to make them all origami, but I only have one on board for that. really I think we'll end up with three completely different place cards for each person coming. the more the merrier--it will be a colorful table!

kristen writes...

We will be sharing and writing what we are thankful for on glitter strips of paper the kids helped cut. Then we will make a paper chain to go on the Christmas tree that we can continue to add to through the month of December! Much like your ThankFul Tree we hope our Gratitude Chain will keep us focused on our many blessings!

Jen writes...

Love this idea! We made a huge Thankful Tree that now brightens up a formerly blank kitchen wall.

Everyone got in on the fun, even the craft-reluctant dads and my teenage brother. We then marked off the heights of each person on the tree trunk. We plan to leave the tree up and add to it next Thanksgiving!


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