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Top 5 things people in my house say to a crying baby

Posted by Patience on November 14, 2008 at 7:56 AM in BabiesPatience
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lyra crying2.jpg

1. Oh, don't cry my precious baby. Josiah's here... (Josiah, age 8)

2. MOM!!!! Lyra's crying, Lyra's crying, Lyra's crying, it's okay mamacita.
She then puts her face about 2 cm from Lyra's while Lyra tries to spit Lucy's hair from her mouth. (Lucy, age 3)

3. It's okay Lyra...and then he runs away. (Jack, age 5)

4. Ohhhh, what's wrong mama? (Jorge) while it now takes an average of 5 minutes longer to even hear a cry than it did when Josiah was a baby.

5. It's gonna be okay Lyra, you're okay. (Me)
I yell from the bathroom as it's the only time we aren't attached.

At least no one is yelling, "For the love of God child, please shut up!". Yet.

Come on, give us your best soothing tricks for crying babies in the comments.


kate writes...

maybe a fluffy, furry puppy would make her happy.......

sorry, i had to throw it out there. ;)

Gina writes...

Yates 2 years old:
Begins with "What's wrong baby? What's wrong?"
Ends with "Baby! Enough!!!" (wonder who he got that from?)

PS - I see you in this picture of Lyra

nancy writes...

Anytime my daughter (2.5 years) hears a child (baby or older) crying she says "that baby needs some nur nur" (nursing).

She's usually right. :-)

Bridgette writes...

When my 6 month old cries, my son(2) and oldest daughter(5) rush to her and break out in a beautiful rendition of "Baa Baa Black Sheep" complete with choreography.It quiets her down enough for me to remember to flush. LOL!

kelly writes...

our 23 mo. old to our 6 wk. old:

"baby ta-deh, awight.."

translation: "baby tavish, it's alright..."

our 23 mo. old to me:

"mom, baby ta-deh CA-WHYYYY!"


"mom, don't just stand there, DO something!"

teebee writes...

a trick passed down through my family from my great-grandma katie is to do the famous walk-n-bounce but hold their head so that you can whisper "somebody" in their ear over and over (somebodysomebodysomebodysomebody...etc). i have no idea how this trick originated, and i've only known a couple babies that this didn't work with. hopefully it can help someone here :)

Danielle writes...

My husband rubs our 3 month old daughter's nose (from top to tip), it's pretty weird but it seems to calm her.

Baby Boo writes...

Hey! I just remember when I had a baby girl couple of years ago and my baby used to cry, my wife used to say cucchi cucchi cucchi cucchi… and along with this she used to swing the baby in air and it was just miracle the baby was getting calm immediately.

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