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Super Sisters

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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

Three real-life sisters sharing their kids' antics, milestones and adventures through this crazy journey called motherhood. Find out more »

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We're not gonna take it

Posted by Patience on November 6, 2008 at 1:09 PM in Patience
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pacifier jack3.jpg

Yes, Twisted Sister, it's one of Jack's all time favorites. He sings it in the car, in the bath tub, in the grocery store. Sometimes it comes up at random times, like today for instance.

So for 8 years I have been desperately trying to get a baby to take a pacifier. Well, maybe not the entire time but definitely with all four of my children when they were infants. Every last one refused. I gave up sooner each time, resigning myself as the human pacifier. It wasn't all bad really, the need kept me close to tiny babes.

Jack found my last pacifier, the last ditch effort (for-ev-er) under the bed and decided he would give it a try. He popped it in Lyra's mouth right as I was telling him to wash it first, such is life as the last of four. The germaphobe in me died a slow death around kid number two.

All eyes were on Lyra, waiting to see if she would accept the holy grail of sucking.
He started singing for some encouragement.
"We ARE gonna take it, yeah, we're gonna take it, we are gonna take it this time."
"Look, she's taking it. " She looks mildly disturbed by the plastic in her mouth.
"Wait, I think she needs the music too." He ran to turn it on, full blast of course.

She cries and spits it out. He shrugs his shoulders and sings, "Were not gonna take it..."

Ahhh, sibling bonding over Twisted Sister, it's perfect.


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