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Christmas Meltdown

Posted by Patience on December 16, 2008 at 6:38 AM in HolidaysPatience
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lucy hides.jpg
Whoever decided that the mother should be granted responsibility for all of Christmas, I would like to strangle him. If this is just a law of the universe, I would like to protest. Would any one else like to stage a rally, a sit-in perhaps?

Shopping for presents, sending packages, creating memories, crafting meaningful gifts, parades and tree lightings, packing for a trip on top of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and the icing on the cake, perfectly timed pink eye for 3 out of 6 family members. Why is it that there is always one moment during a holiday where all of it depends on you? and for that, you rant and rave for help or cry or wish you had some other position in your family. I pick Lucy's, she seems to be having the best time and is the most age appropriate ego centric.
I would be very happy to take lots of baths, play puppy dog and watch an ungodly amount of Martha Speaks.

What's the solution to the Christmas meltdown my friends? Phone calls to fellow supersisters to trade holiday horror responsibility stories, being pissy with your safest person (which is my husband), chex mix, and hiding for a while. Reading Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree or deciding if these are my biggest problems in my life than it can't be all that bad after all.

Have you had a Christmas meltdown yet this season or better yet, how do handle the curse of all of Christmas responsibility? plan ahead? don't have a baby 12 weeks before Christmas?


anne writes...

I hear you, don't have two babies, seven years apart the same week as Christmas either. I just live in a state of denial each year, then about 48 hours before said birthday, think, omg, plan something, and I do. And the Christmas eve boy, well, he just always gets a party no matter what, no combining here. The other half, he has great ideas, as long as I implement them, ugh. I always think I'll do better next year, oh well, just my nature I guess. Thank goodness for girlfriends, and the occasional mimosa at holiday time :) Happy traveling

Liz K writes...

It might help to remember that this year might be the toughest of all, with Lyra being so small, and that by next year, all you'll have is wonderful memories of your first Christmas as a family of 6.

Kate writes...

" . . . wish you had some other position in your family." That's a great way of putting it! I definitely feel that way sometimes (I have two kids, 2 1/2 and 9 months).

I just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago. I love it!

Gina writes...

Oh mama, I have been there.
Not wanting out of my family, just wanting a different role in it. Lots of times I watch J walk out the door and wish we could trade places, if only just for the day.
Today could have been one of those days. J got on an airplane and I know his destination will involve meals at nice restaurants and a night in a hotel on clean, ironed sheets and he'll sleep all the way through the night. I was a little jealous...
I picked up my baby boy from preschool and he showed me his manger, the creation of the day, and said very shyly, very softly, for the first time ever..."baby jesus".
To think, if I weren't the mom, I would have missed it.

Amy writes...

oh boy. pink eye. when it strikes us I run around saying, "DON'T TOUCH EACH OTHER!" and squirting Purell with reckless abandon.

The year I delivered baby #3 in just a 3 year time span TWO WEEKS before Christmas, everyone got gift cards. Do not be afraid of the gift card!! everyone will understand and if they don't maybe they shouldn't get one anyway:)

and as a girl who grew up with the guarantee that Christmas would bring some of the greatest turmoil of the year, the best Christmas memories now can be staring at the lit tree with all the lights off and listening to/singing carols. your kids will appreciate the peace that comes with the season more than anything I bet.

take it easy on yourself. the most fulfilling jobs are the hardest and you're doing a great job.

Kristin writes...

I totally hear you, Patience. I actually wonder who made me in charge of all those things throughout the year, as well -- family b-days, b-day party gifts, phone calls to keep up family relationships, scheduling social events, rsvp'ing, etc. (Although, maybe I should learn to delegate.) I agree with Gina that I wouldn't miss those precious moments you get from being home, but would it be so terrible to have a Mama business trip every once in a while OR hear my man say, "So, this is what we're doing for Christmas this year and here is where I'm stashing all of the wrapped gifts. Oh, yeah, and I called your Mom just to check in - don't forget it's her b-day on Friday." Ah, I can dream. :)

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