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Is it really that big a deal?

Posted by Kristen on December 22, 2008 at 6:18 AM in HolidaysKristen
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We went to see Santa yesterday. I know. On December 21. Like he isn't busy enough already without having to add some last minute work on his plate that is sure to remove any and all hope of sleep for the elves between now and Thursday.

There were 75 people in line in front of us. HEY!!! Our Santa is the REAL Santa and he is worth the wait. In fact, there were intense negotiations this year and our Santa who has been at this location for supposedly 19 years parked his sled elsewhere due to salary issues. Introduce public outcry, petitions and angry phone calls to the mall and our Santa with carefully placed rosacea was back on his throne for the entire term of his reign, to the tune of 30 g's for 6 weeks work.

Don't knock it. Thanks to this Santa, the 9-year-old girl in front of us was in her 5th year at this mall and still believes. Bless her heart. I mean, I believe too, but I'm not in elementary school anymore. The world is a rough place full of disbelief.

The woman behind me was not so cheery. She lamented about being tortured by the commercialization of Christmas and being forced to do all those things she swore she would never do when she became a mother. They were taking the kids to Machu Picchu for vacations, for heaven's sake. If her kids wanted to go to see the mouse in Orlando, they could do so after they turned 18 and moved out of her house. Her husband had dragged her here and she was furious.

Her daughter was 1 1/2 and the cutest thing you have ever seen. Of course she had the typical experience and was frightened beyond belief. Let's be honest here. This year was the first year Ethan didn't cry and look at Santa like he was an alien. Of course this year he had also figured out the drill and was ready with his list ("atwowheeledscooterabirdhouseandarobot,Santa") and didn't waste his time with actually breathing while seated on Santa's lap.

I get what that mom was saying. I just think sometimes we live in a tough world and it's nice to have hope. Even for a little while. It's no Machu Picchu, but it'll do.


levornia writes...

Everyone I am new to this site. I just need some advice about my 3 year old son. I am very proud of him because he knows all of his ABC's and his numbers up to 15. He also can recongize them when he see them, but that is not what I am here to talk about. I read to my son all the time, but doesn't talk clear like most other 3 year olds. I mean like whole a conversation like u and I would. Should I be discourage? Should I send him to speech thearpy? What should I do to encourage him to speak clearier? I encourage to mock what I say and everything he points out I encourage him to say it before I give it to him. My husband tells me to be patient he will pull thru. I guess it is just my son is three but he look like he is 4 or 5 years old so when people see and hear him I get a little embarrased. So one please help! :)

Jackson writes...

My 3 year old talks like crazy! Non stop talk talk talk just chatting away at anyone who is willing to listen. I would not worry to much about your child being a "slow starter" everyone is different and will come around. This does not mean that anything is wrong so definately don't worry about that! I had freind who had a nephew with a slight case of rosacea for a few years though not common at all in children but he would not talk to anyone for al ong time and the entire family was worried sick. Eventually he started chatting away and is doing great from what I have heard. Just keep on doing what your doing and over time your child will cathc up and noone will ever believe that he didn't like to talk!

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